May 16th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

The Abomination of DVD Sets

Maybe I am becoming more melancholic of my blogging skills and that is why I am not updating on a near every other day basis like I used to. Perhaps I am growing up. Possibly I think that my entries are more fulfilling and less annoying if they occur less often. Could it be the lack of comments, epsecially when I pour out my soul (hint hint!), and someone commenting about the flavor of ice cream they are eating gets more comments and "thumbs up" than something like that. It kind of puts thingsi n perspective. It makes them seem futile. Oh, and by the by, look for a brand new "Lyrics Test" in just a few short hours. Its a good one this time, and I'm not saying that because I think you will fail.

Also, I think there is a sudden lack of insightful narcassistic commentary on my life that does not come off as me being emo or something, so there has not been a lot to talk about. Sure, I could induce gossip on here, but I don't believe in that kind of stuff. I base my conversations on facts and personal opinions, thankyouverymuch.

My thoughts on the Lost season finale: Firstly let me say *sobs* about the death of a lostie, and her death was creepy, because it reminded me of nightmares I used to have, and I am still scared of it. More on that in a minute. But the first hour and a half was a giant buildup with the last half hour being the ultimate payoff. The thing that struck me the most is:


Now that I have that off my chest, let me extend my concern of having no mention of Desmond in the finale at all. Have we forgotten about our lunatic Scottish fellow? Guess so. I cannot wait for 2010 to be here.

Anyways, about nightmares. Yeah. I won't say who was swallowed up in a hole, but lets just say that it is a personal fear for me, and when I die, it better not be that way. See, when we were kids, we got to watch really educational videos, and one was about the art of spelunking, or cave exploration for you nonlinguists. Anyways, there was this account on there about a guy who went in the mouth of a cave, had rocks crush his feet, and he was basically swallowed up by the Earth. Now of course you could still see his head if you had a light, and people brought him light. They showed this antiqued photograph from a newpaper, him holding this candle with hollowed-out cheeks, looking despondant. He died.

After doing some quick research, I think that the story was about Floyd Collins. Still, the story STILL sends shivers to me this very day. I really hope against some day that I an traipsing through the back yard, an unknown chasm opens up, and I get stuck and die. I would HATE that times the most infinite value of infinity power. I would rather publicly speak while being nude than do that. Yes, its that bad.

Anyways, enough about obscure ways of dying. Lets discuss the merits of dvd packaging. Now being the avid collector of dvd sets that I am, I feel the need to speak out against certain kinds of dvd packaging. Here are the types I run across, and this is the order from personal best to worst:

1 - Flip-Folio style collection. This is the type of dvd ser you get, and you open it up like some sort of centerfold magazine poster. The dvds are either dingle of doubled, but they have their own spots, can be easily taked in or out, and folds up nicely. I have has less problems with this than any other kind of set.

2 - Book-type DVD set. The book-type sets are the ones that come in a single openable package, and the dvds are on seperate "pages" in the case. You flip from "page" to "page" and find the dvd you want. No folding, no touching. My only complaint would be the fact that when I pick these up, I can feel the dvds banging around in there, so I feel like they are less protected than I do with other cases.

3 - Thinpaks. Ugh. What are publisher's deal with these packs? You set comes with seperate, plastic sleeves that may contain one or two dvds each. The main pro with these sets is that they take up less space. In my opnion, I feel like my dvds are less protected when the only thing between them and bending to pieces is a thin slice of flimsy plastic. The "paks" themselves don't fare much better as even just with shipping from an online store I find more broken/cracked cases, and missing prongs than any set I have ever encountered. Also, I have a tendancy to misplace or lose a disc out of those sets than any other ones. If one is taken out, the others do not want to stay in there. Opening and closing them are a pain in the rear. For some odd reason, anime publishers seem to be obsessed with thinpaks, and out of my 15 anime sets, 10 are thinpaks. Make more of number ones or twos, not these.

4 - Stack of DVDs - This is what prompted me to make this list. I got a set today and all it was was a number 2 sans "pages". You get a spindle and have every dvd stacked on top of each other. I got a 6 DVD set, and they are on top of each other like a stack of dishes. Some computer companies are guilty of the same thing, but I usually forgive those because you don't need them but once in a great while to install your media. DVDs are meant to be played over and over. Not only do they get scratched like this, but if you want to watch a certain episode of disc, you have to take out any discs on top just to get to the one you want, and then put them back in. When you're done with the disc? You guessed it. Take them all out AGAIN just to REPLACE it. Also, when you take them out, it is hard not to be afraid to break them. On regular spindles, you can supress it to make it shrink and your DVD comes out easily. On these sets, the spindle is likened unto a roll of coins. You can't bend it, you can supress it, so when you take out a dvd, you hear a slight cracking noise, and you look and pray that it was not your disc that broke. These sets are an abomination and offers NO redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Phew. Rant over.

Anyways, as said above, look forward to the next Lyrics Test that will be on here soon. Have fun!

The Allengator