May 4th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Mega Media Monday 5.4.09 (WTF 2nd Edition)

Welcome to another Mega Media Monday that will be very short but....well...sweet may not be the proper term to use. Its another What the Fruitloop? edition, and I only have a tiny handful for you and not much time to explain. Inquire below.

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Sorry for the abbreviatedness of this week's entry, but I have been waaay too busy to put much effort into this, but I am doing it because I love you guys <3....well, and I'm working on keeping a commitment. I have a few weeks before I hit the one year mark, nonstop mind you, and I'm happy about working out that commitment.

BLOG SIDE NOTE: Yes, my hiatus will continue, but again, its because of finals/work. It seriously cannot be helped. You can be sure that I will let you know if we find out about Chuck this week. The forecast is very cautiously optimistic, but I'm holding out for a confirmation.

I need some requests, obviously. Please send them in and I will do what I can do.

Until next Monday, happy watching!

The Allengator