April 26th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Chuck Sneak Peak Videos and Article

E! Online has a pretty nice article and comments section about tomorrow night's finale of Chuck. Check it out.

Also, I refuse to believe that it has been picked up for only 13 episodes without proof. Someone Twittering that it is being renewed has no fact to it, and I refuse to believe it until some more official form of entertainment news gets wind of it.

That pretty much concludes this week's Chuck theme. We've looked at sites that are into the effort of getting it renewed, looked at the recent episode, analyzed its chances of renewal, and gave more than enough reasons to watch it. Tomorrow will be the finale, and I beg you to watch it. Despite any other shows that are on, Chuck is the only one that has a finale, and the other shows you can just watch later, and since NBC has a "WE NO LIKE WEERUNS!" policy, this will be your only chance to see it. I know that if you try it, you will want to see more.

Anyways, that's enough out of me. I have a Mega Media Monday tomorrow and my family is arguing over how to fix the dvd player, so I better go. I guess homework < recording tv...ugh...

And quit Twittering. It is not becoming.

The Allengator