April 24th, 2009


Chuck's Chances of Being Chucked

We continue on our weekly theme of "Help saving Chuck" by doing some analyzing today. It would be an understatement to say Chuck is on the bubble. I would go as far to say that it is the very definition of a "bubble show". Here are some quick facts.

- As I mentioned before, Chuck trails Heroes less than a third of a million viewers on average. Considering the megaton attention Heroes gets, this is good to know.

- One of the reasons Chuck is in more trouble than in previous seasons is because Jay Leno is taking up an hour on weekday nights in the fall, five nights a week. This not only means they are losing 5 hours of programming a week, but also keep in mind any new shows NBC wants to try out. This means with five nights with two hours, three on Saturday, and four on Sunday, this leaves 17 hours of original programming each week.

Let's look at the shows. Heroes is already planning the next season. Law and Order is more or less a golden child on the programming block. NBC wouldn't dare touch its comedy night. The Biggest Loser will probably remain the overbloated reality competition it is. I figure Medium will be back, since it gets more viewers than Chuck or Heroes. I believe NBC wants to find a new show to replace the behemoth that is known as ER, so Southland may be back as well. Lets count up the hours.

Heroes - 1
L & O - 1
Comedy Night - 2
The Biggest Loser - 2
Medium - 1
Southland/ER replacement - 1
Other reality shows/Chopping Block - 3
New shows - 3
14 of 17 hours of programming.

I don't know if I am being too generous of forgetting some shows other than the Law and Order spinoffs, which I personally think are doomed, but I have been horribly wrong before. This means that Chuck has a slim chance of making it. This is also assuming that the shows are picked up with full season orders and not half seasons, like some rumors have been floating around have been saying.

- Considering the timeslot the show is in, it is holding up as well as one would suspect. Pardon me while I trash the other shows on at the time. The Big Bang Theory the comedy sensation on CBS (though is stereotypically unfunny), House is on FOX (never understood why anyone would like that show), and Dancing With the Stars (Seriously, America? Instead of WATCHING people dance, couldn't you just go out and dance yourselves?). All things considered, it is amazing that Chuck is merely a bubble show and not just completely out. If Chuck is renewed, I will be all for a new timeslot. NBC owned Monday nights a couple years ago, but they don't anymore.

- Zuckerman, or whatever her name is, head of NBC, said that "ratings alone will not determine whether we pick up a show or not. We are aware of the fanbases of shows and may take it into consideration", or something to that effect. While she did specifically mention Chuck as a bubble show, she didn't condemn it either. I would say this is some good news, but critical acclaim and fanbases alone have not been enough (I STILL miss Pushing Daisies).

- Right now Subway and Nissan are pooling support by product placement/deals because of Chuck. I think there is a campaign for $5 footlongs at subway for the finale, but I'm not sure.

- Based on the Chuck page on NBC, it says "Show your support and watch Chuck's Season 2 finale". This can be seen in several ways, but the main ones being either NBC wants this show to survive, or the show is in danger of cancellation. Read into it what you will.

- The producers were at first fairly optimistic about the chances of renewal have kind of backed off some and are more cautious and asking fans to do more. This does not bode well with me.

In the end, I cannot say if Chuck is gone or not. I am voting for not, and I've written to NBC and done what I have. What do you guys think or what are you doing for the Chuck effort? Sound off below, and come back for some more stuff tomorrow!

The Allengator