April 20th, 2009

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Mega Media Monday 04.20.09 (Chuck Soundtrack Edition)

Kicking off "Chuck Week" is this week's Mega Media Monday which is all about the music of Chuck. Chuck is a very musical show that showcases songs from classic rock, modern pop, and indie groups. Seriously, you will probably find and/or love a new song with every episode of Chuck. Below are all samplings/music videos of some of my select from the show, and make sure you catch it tonight at 7 pm central for the penultimate season episode, then the finale next Monday at the same time.

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If you truly want a good time, I think the episode with the best music are "Chuck vs. the Alma Matter", "Chuck vs. the First Kill" (Which has Duran Duran and Twisted Sister :D), and "Chuck vs. the Dream Job", though its hard to find a stand-out episode, musically. Alma Matter also has "Drama Queen" which you may remember from a a previous Mega Media Monday, and "Chelsea Dagger", probably my favorite Fratellis song.

Even if you don't watch Chuck (in which case may John Casey smite you), I hope you enjoyed the diverse musical selections this week. Next week will be the same minus the music aspect just in time for the finale. Please watch, Tivo, DVR, buy legally from ITunes/Amazon the next couple of episodes. The series is in some trouble (because of its time slot. Curse you DWTS, House, Big Bang Theory, and Jay Leno!) and I really want another season really bad. It'll make unicorns cry if it doesn't get renewed.

So join me the rest of the week for more Chuck goodness, watch the show, comment below, write to your local NBC affiliate, email me, etc.. Come back next week for what is sure to be a pretty funny week here on Mega Media Monday. So until then, happy watching (Chuck)!

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