April 11th, 2009

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The Better of Two Animes

As I previously went over on here, there are two Negima animes. I finally got around to watching all of Negima!?(the second one) and have thought and thought about it, and I have come to a decision on which anime is better, overall.

Note: Remember, the two series are similar in name.
Negima! is the first anime series.
Negima!? is the second anime series.

After considering the pros and cons of each series, I have decided which of the two deserves more praise and is better in an overall sense. The one I have given this title to is Negima!, the first one. There really isn't a main reason, but I will go over the main factors in a list-type mode (you guys like those things, right? I mean I see you post lists all of the time...)

- When watching Negima!? I felt that the series was 6 or so episodes with a plot, and 20 or so episodes of filler. The filler started about halfway into the first half of the series, and continued on until the last few episodes, which I think were the best in the series. That doesn't mean I didn't like those episodes, but when the story isn't moving for several episodes in a row...it just doesn't give you incentive to keep watching. I think this is the main reason the second series didn't do as well as they hoped.

- The characters are more one-dimensional and...how do I put it tactfully....dumber. Even Takamichi wonders off just to eat ramen. Wow. I thought Asuna should have been institutionalized by the end of the series.

- People know I am a fan of randomness (WAFFLES!), but Negima!? goes a little overboard and....just doesn't make any sense. One episode (the one where everyone turns into a dud) is a prime example. No sense.

- Despite the last few episodes of Negima! being overly dramatic, it follows the manga closer than Negima!? does (well, except that they created a new manga just for Negima!? which I have yet to acquire). My personal thought on the matter is that an anime should follow the manga, but also be able to create its own original episodes and plot points (Azumanga Daioh being a good example).

- Character development was essentially nonexistent in Negima!?

- Negi really doesn't act like he's 9 years old at ALL in Negima!? while in the original series he does show some qualities that would make him that young.

Those are the big reasons that I just prefer Negima! to Negima!?. Thoughts? Questions? Desires? Fill out the "leave a comment" form below and we can talk about them!


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