April 10th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Chuck/Heroes/Lost Rankings for The Week of April 5th

Ranking the three this week was tougher, but the first place one was a no brainer. Let's get to it.

Last Place: Heroes - Let me first say that both Jack Coleman is THE man and his and Ashley Crow's scenes were fantastic. Sadly, though, the episode overall was very dark and just left a funny taste in my mouth. Digging up skeletons? Seriously? For what reason? Is it just so Angela can flashback to the Icarus days? Also, the whole Sylar shapeshifting thing is going to lose me pretty quick unless they find a way to make it a consequence to being someone different for too long. From reading the synopsis, that very well may happen.

2nd Place: Lost - Let me say that I freaking LOVE Michael Emerson and he has been the best casting in the show post first season. I have loved almost every centric episode he has had. This one wasn't my favorite, but it shows that he is vulnerable to kids, which is like Holden Caufield. He didn't get to kill Penny, Charlie, or Desmond, so that was....anticlimatic...I ask again. WHERE THE FREAKING HECK IS FARADAY????

This Week's Winner - Chuck - Wow! What an episode!!!!! It is seriously the best episode ever, in my opinion. Papa Bartowski is really Orion!!! He is the guy from Quantum Leap!!!! Chevy Chase was in this episode!!!!! Chuck totally went rouge, shot Casey (That alone deserves !!!!!!!!!!), then five or so other guards with a tranq gun!!!!!! I seriously cannot wait for the finale, and I really hope it gets picked back up (TONS of support from sites are going on right now before the upfronts in May). You may have noticed the new banner on top of my blog, and it'll stay there until I hear it has been renewed or all you-know-where breaks loose. Watch it!

That is all I have for this stuff. See you in the funny papers.

The Allengator