April 2nd, 2009

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Chuck/Heroes/Lost Rankings for This Week

This is another one of those things I would try. Instead of me doing a full blown reviews of my three favorite shows, that I would just rank them from least to best for the week. By now you should know my absolute love for Chuck, and my fanship of both Heroes and Lost, so which one did the best this week? Let's look at the facts.


Last place this week is Lost for two reasons. First off, it was a Kate-centric episode, and her flashbacks are always....um....annoying. I mean I think she's ok as a regular character, but her flashbacks ceased being interesting since we found out why she was on the run. Secondly was their explaination of why Ben remembers no one from the Dharma Initiative. He was shot last week, and with Jack being a drama queen (Worse than Emo-Locke, if you know what I mean), the only option to have him live is to wipe his memory or something. Lame.

Also Lost takes a hit for ANOTHER week without Faraday or Desmond. Locke was in it, albeit briefly.

Second place goes to Chuck. The main reason its in second is because it didn't involve FULCRUM. I mean I preferred the first season when FULCRUM was just a recurring nemesis instead of a theme in nearly every episode. However, this week still doesn't resolve the Chuck/Sarah issue, and was mostly about them. Although it wasn't as dramatic as the last few episodes, I can appreciate it. I actually think episodes like this one and ones like "Vs. Tom Sawyer" need to happen more often. Sure, the overall arc doesn't progress, but sometimes you need a break, especially with a spy show like Chuck.

First place goes to Heroes. I do think Bryan Fuller (R.I.P. Pushing Daisies) is what the doctor ordered. I loved the Claire/Nathan interaction, the Angela/Peter scenes were nice, and the Sylar/Danko partnership was just awesome. I wonder is HRG really thinks that Sylar (actually a shapeshifter who took Sylar's body) is dead. He knows that he has Claire's regeneration, so a simple bullet wouldn't stop him. I am really looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

Also, I thought I would note that with the exception of Ando not being dead, isn't the future of blown up New York in five years starting to come together? Think about it. Nathan in a place of power, Sylar can shapeshift, and HRG and wife clearly heading for a divorce. It is eerily similar to the future, although no BOOM, Niki being dead, and existent Ando are flaws in the theory, but a LOT of similarities happening. I wonder what else will happen now....

So in short, this week's rankings are:

Last place: Lost
2nd place: Chuck
1st place: Heroes

So agree? Disagree? Sound off below if you are a fan of either of these shows and show me what you got. If I remember/have time I will try this again next week.


The Allengator