March 27th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

About Lists, "Petey", "Essays", and "Audio Blogs".

Tonight's entry will be fairly abbreviated because I already did a ton of typing on Facebook. Yes, you heard me. To the people on Facebook, sorry about flooding your feed with stories of my creating or commenting on top 5 things. My main complaint about the new Facebook is the feed, as I either get notification of everything a friend does or opt out and completely get rid of their goings on in Facebookland. I prefer a filter, but Facebook doesn't include it now, so I have had to sadly tell it to stop showing updates from certain people. Sorry, but I've had to on a few people I either A) Don't really know or B) Extremely rarely has anything insightful to say (update/list blogs people, but I already ranted on those earlier).

So yeah, if you are a friend of mine of Facebook, check out my top 5 lists. You may learn something new about me. I may explore into them further on here when the spirit of blogging moves me. Unfortunately the spirit is tuckered out from work and the aforementioned listing and commenting so that may be why my comments aren't as witty or filled with impact tonight. THose days happen.

My schedule is going to be filled up the week after next as work is FINALLY giving me more hours, but with more hours comes less free time, and between that, school, and church, I will have no free evenings and less time for schoolwork and other things. It looks like this may be a good thing, and while I am a little bummed at the "no free evening/night" thing, I will be happier with more money coming in. Perhaps I can pay off the credit card now...

One question I know no or perhaps one person is asking is, "Allengator, what happened to your previous features like Petey the Monkey, Essays, and others. Even the audio blogs are few and far between. What's up?" I honestly have no good answer for that. The audio blogs I can honestly say is because they take the most effort, and I just haven't had the time to do it. If I were to write (I do a rough outline of the points I make), recording, editing, and uploading, it would amass to about 3-4 hours. Yeah, its that long mostly because my Internet connection sucks. When you put that to about the 3-4 people that listen and never comment on them, you kind of lose the enthusiasm to do them. That being said, I have some planned, but especially with my schedule becoming tighter, it will be harder for me to upload them. The Petey and "Essay" entries have also become more scarce for similar reasons. First, that creative muse has to find me and tell me what to do, and not many people read/comment on them anyways. Also, I made a silent resolution to make this blog more about my personal viewpoints on random stuff than about some two-bit projects that I will probably drop later. I am not saying you will never see these again (or soon, as I never know when I will feel motivated or not. Must be hormones), but that is the best answer I can come up with for now. Also, I do feel that Mega Media Monday is not only easier, but also more entertaining and faster to grind out overall. Sorry for people who come here for those other things, but they will return.

The spirit of blogging is telling me to stop it for the night, so I will bid you goodbye until next time.

The Allengator