March 26th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

My Theory on the Epicness of Waffles

What is it about waffles that's funny? Is it a funny word? Is it the fact that its a scrumptious morning or midday meal? Is it because of those grooves in the Belgian variety? I wish science had an answer for this.

Take Heroes, for instance. There is this scene where it should be seen as a dramatic time in a girl's life, but people keep yelling about waffles every minute in the background, and honestly, its a little distracting. I mean here is this girl, broken, crying, and her brother comes up and says, "Mom wants you to know that she made waffles." She starts bawling. I don't know why, but I laugh. Maybe its because of the thought of a harmless waffle being the bane of a girl's existence.


See, do you remember anything I just said? Yes, that is what I will do now, just yell, "waffles!" whenever anyone has a conversation with me that I don't want to have. Yes. That will do.


Anyways, I've been doing a sort of anime marathon this week, since I'm on spring break. I've already watched all of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", The Love Hina Movie collection, all of the School Rumble releases in America, Negima?! break collection, and am working on Negima?! part one, with part two already ordered and it'll be on its way on its release date.

Yesterday was good as well because Nintendo released the "storage solution" that makes me happy. You can now play games directly from your SD card, and all you have to do is wait 5-10 seconds of loading time. Not bad. Not bad at all. The only caveat is that in order for the save data to work it must be on the Wii memory instead of the SD card. Since most games only use 1-2 blocks of memory, then it isn't a big deal.

They also showed off a new Zelda DS title called "Spirit Tracks". I hate to sound despondent, but I hope someone tells me that its just a joke. Please. Tell me its a joke. Phantom Hourglass was not a favorite title of mine just because of the Temple of the Ocean King repetitiveness, and honestly I just don't care for the stylus control. Button mashing all the way!

That is it for today. Hope I didn't traumatize you too much. If I did.


The Allengator