March 25th, 2009

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Why I Looked This Stuff Up is Beyond Me

I am a firm believer in education, and that it doesn't end with school. People learn new things on a daily basis and sometimes you just get an itching to find out more. On that note, please don't judge me for what I am about to talk about.

One Sunday afternoon I was pretty bored, but read a story about an infamous unsolved murder victim. I originally looked this person's name up (I don't remember it now) to see how she was so well known. Anyways, Wikipedia stated that one of the suspected people involved with this woman's murder could have been the Zodiac Serial Killer. Intrigued, I looked up this infamous killer and entered the realm of researching famous serial killers.

Again, please don't judge me. This was just for my edification, and in no way reflects how I feel or hints at any future actions, as I have never held a gun and firmly believe that murder, no matter what the situation, is never justified and is a sin.

So I will start with this Zodiac guy. He just killed random people around San Francisco since the 1960's. There was no rhyme nor reason why he killed the way he did, but he indicated that everyone he killed would be his slave in heaven or something. He sounds like a lunatic. Anyways, interestingly enough, he wrote letters to local newspapers and basically mocked the police for not catching him. He even threatened to murder again if his letters were not front and center of the newspaper's headlines. He misspelled a LOT of words and had the grammatical knowledge of a third grader, yet he could create ciphers, mathematical formulas, and left subtle hints using radians and polar coordinates. What a freak. Some stories of this guy are just plain creepy and demented, but somehow was more fascinating than what was on tv that day.

Next was the Benders, a family who in the late 1800's had a small inn in the middle of the prairie, and killed off only the clients who looked well off, but were caught by one as his brother was murdered there and he knew ahead of time that the family was trouble. They soon disappeared after being caught.

There was also Gunness, a terrible woman who killed not only her husbands for insurance money, but possibly also murdered a couple of her own kids. How some so-called mother could do that is just beyond me.

One of the most horrible tragic ones I read about was the Bath School Massacre. In the 1920's there was a perturbed member of the school board in Bath, Michigan, and he took some dynamite and blasted part of the school that housed sixth graders. Multiple innocent kids were just wiped out in an instant. Just thinking about that just kills me on the inside. After the murderer committed suicide and earned his rightful place in Hell, the police found a chilling message on his fence that said, "Criminals are made, not born."

Finally is the weird case of H.H. Holmes and the infamous "murder castle" in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Holmes gained a reputation in a particular pharmaceutical in Chicago, and after the owner "mysteriously vanished", became owner and began to build an oddly out of place "castle"-like structure above the drug store. It was a very curiously layed out structure with multiple floors and rooms, or so it looked. People who lived or stayed overnight oddly never showed up again. Soon Holmes was caught on a different swindle altogether and police ransacked his building, finding out many doors were either fake or led to a dungeon of some kind, leading to a vat of acid and lime, or other similar dungeons, like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. Oddly enough, after taking a couple of days to explore the interior of said dungeon, something exploded and the castle took a ton of damage and was demolished shortly thereafter. Holmes was convicted and executed. Chilling and creepy.

If you like stories like these, please never make eye contact with me again, and check out this this very descriptive site out. Man. Now I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight. Go me.

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