March 24th, 2009

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Random Rants and Raves: 03-24-09

Every once in a while, I just need to rant on several things going on or that I can't just put into a single entry without a lot of trouble, so I thought I would try something new, which is just to put them on here without any segues. Let's see what today's menu has!

First off, another thing I hate about social networking sites. What is up with these people doing these "surveys" several times a week, or worse, day? I know I have talked about this time after time again, but it continues to be a thorn in my side. Seriously, how much effort does it take to answer:

First Name: Allen
Vanilla or chocolate: Chocolate
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Actor: Red Skelton

I will tell you. None. None at all. Its dumb if you think about it. How many people read those things anyhow? I may read a couple, but after that, the answers start becoming predictable or repetitive. Its gotten so bad that I have had to block some people from my feed just so I wouldn't have to see them on a daily basis. I know people are quick to point the finger and say I am a chronic blogger, but I retaliate by saying that it takes an actual thought process and time to put together coherent thoughts for the general populous to read, and I think you get just as much, if not more than what you would have gotten out of a note, plus my witty commentary and sparkling views on various things. Yes, I am proud of myself :P.

I don't think its wrong to do them from time to time, say, once every other month or so, but on a daily/weekly basis, it gets tiresome to see that. I always want to see creative and thought-provoking blog entries/items, but those make me want to vomit grammar nazis.

We are doing a "opinion survey" at work, and let me tell you that it is one of the biggest cases of corporate reform I have ever seen. The things that really bother me:

1) They give us a lowdown of the good things the company and local store has done for the community and world. How many pounds of bananas did we sell? Over 340,000. How much money did we put into the community? Over $20,000. More random data and warm fuzzies. Now take the survey. Now how will most of these people react? They will give a less harsh review of the store. Now I am not saying I'm not proud of what the company or store has done to the environment or town, but that does not overshadow nor justify how they treat their employees. I was tricked the first time, but every time my opinion is lowered, and my "opinion" reflected this, as I gave a fairly damaging survey, not that it will matter.

2) The survey asks, albeit "optional, but necessary" what you work. Now if this were a bigger store of more than 300 employees, then I wouldn't think twice of answering. I did answer them, but after I submitted this "confidential information" then I realized something. How many part time white males around my age work on the floor in the home improvement section? I will tell you, probably just me or 2 at the most. After I submitted this, I realized my mistake, but supposedly its "confidential", but I can't help but worry about repercussions that my opinion will bring.

3) The surveys never do any good because of our workplace density. What I mean is that on a typical night, there are twice as many people working up front than there are on the floor. Think about that. The people up front have more say in problems than the floor people because they are more in number. Sure, they ask where we work, but I don't think that it accurately represents the problems our place has.

4) The surveys never do any good because of our workplace density. What I mean is that if a certain problem comes up on the survey, say, "people don't feel they have a career here," they come up with a "action plan" which usually resolves squat. In the years I have worked there, I have yet to see any significant improvement in order or organization. I'm sorry but its true.

Finally, I want to rant a little on the anime industry. Sure, I may be a slight fan (ok, so I am doing an "anime marathon" this week), but two things bugs me to no end. I have 11 anime "box sets" and 10 of them are "thinpaks". What are "thinpaks"? They are those dvd sets you get, and the dvds are tucked into these thin, flimsy, plastic holders that are impossible to open and close. I am talking about these and these. Even non-anime sets are turning to this. The only advantage is that it takes up less room on your shelves, but honestly, will you need that extra inch later? No. I think the price or replacing that one disc you broke or lost wouldn't happen as ofter as it would for a proper dvd set...say...Negima! (not the "viridian" collection).

Secondly, this is mainly towards Funimation, why break up seasons into halves? They have been doing that WAAAAY too much lately, and you know why? Because it turns a bigger profit. That's why. Both School Rumble - Second Semester and Negima!?, the later in which I am anxiously awaiting the second half to come out, are guilty of this. As much as I love these shows, I cringe every time I think of buying a set that isn't complete. Its irritating and expensive.

"But you can download them and watch them for free". You know what? Shut your mouth. Honestly, I have no problem if you want to watch them online or as a temp download just to see if you like the series. That is how I get into series myself. What I can't stand is pirates blatantly stealing and infringing on copyrights when they know better. Seriously, just grab some money and pay for the real thing. Who knows, the more stuff is bought, the chances of seeing a sequel or whatnot increases. Anyone who wants to justify theft, yes, that's right, theft, then I have to say I pity you, and hope you enjoy the freedom you currently have. If you get caught, its your own fault.

Those are some things that have been bothering me lately. What do you guys think? Should "personal surveys" be illegal on social networking sites? Should there be a better way or improvement on how corporate surveys are done? What about dvd thinpaks, or splitting up a single season of a show? Sound off below!

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