March 22nd, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Man, I Wish I Had More Saturdays Off

Want to hear an interesting story? Well, it won't be this one, but hey, it beats reading any novels from England!

Today was my second Saturday away from *insert mean nickname for employer here* since the store has been open. Yes, me, a peon of peons never gets a Saturday off unless I request it, and I don't ask for them mostly because I need to hours, and I wouldn't have too much to do anyways.

Well, that was totally not the case today. I went to Joplin in search of some new items. I wanted to get the following:

1 DVD of Sergeant York
2 New Pairs of shoes
1 DVD of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
2 Pairs of jeans
1 Pearls Before Swine Book
1 Copy of "A Hard Day's Write"
Possibly some manga.
The School Rumble/Negima!? OVAs on the anime clearance from Best Buy
Docomodake DS
Trackmania DS
Retro Game Challenge

Ok, so Joplin is mainly just a strip of stores, but I had high hopes, you know? Well, after going to their Target, Books-a-Million, Best Buy, Shoe Carnival, Dollar Deals, Toys-R-Us, and Hastings, I made out with a bottle of water and 2 bottles of vanilla coke. Sad. I was shocked at their Best Buy, mainly. I had no idea how good we had it in Springfield. I would say that their store in Joplin was about half to one-third the size of the one in Springfield. On top of that, they didn't have the DVDs I wanted. I was quite disappointed.

Hastings was a different matter. Ok, so I wanted to check out the manga as I am in the midst of collecting Negima and Love Hina to finish off my collections. The entire hour and a half I was there, there was this girl, looked much younger than me but I wasn't sure, she stood in the way the ENTIRE TIME. She wasn't looking, she was reading. Now in bookstores there are these things called chairs, and there was several empty ones next to her, so I had no idea why she just wouldn't sit down. I mean think about it. Its just rude to say "Could you please move so I can see the books" to a girl that looks half your age. Man I feel old. But
I let it slide as I saw the meager selections and saw they were at cover price at the cheapest. Don't get me started on the movies either.

The Shoe Carnival didn't fare much better.

It was early enough, we decided to head to the Springfield Shoe Carnival, and let me tell you, the announcer guy in there, I think he was a little caffeine OD. Totally hyper. I think he called one guy "Tim Allen" or something. He liked my shirt (The one with the bride and groom, with the groom frowning and chained to a ball with it simply saying "Game Over". I'll have to ditch it if I get married). He announced something weird every few minutes. He acted like he was having fun. I wish I had that much fin at work, but too much brouhaha goes on for it to be fun. Anyways, I made out with a couple nice pairs of shoes, and went to Best Buy which had some anime DVDs (but not half off, so I refrained) and a copy of Docomodake DS. I was sad they didn't have the other DS titles I wanted, but I guess its their loss.

So in short, my trip to Joplin today was nearly pointless, which is a very nice way of putting it. All I had to do was go to Springfield to get what I needed, and it would have saved me the gas money. In the end, though, it was nice just to drive around and look at places I don't usually go to, so I guess it wasn't a complete loss in the end.

And that was what I did on my special day off.

The Allengator
Ice King, Adventure Time

Maybe Trying is Too Hard?

Rant time. I think this will be it, as I really don't give two flips anymore. This note is a little harsh, and I apologize in advance, but it seems as if nothing else is getting through to people. I will just not talk about it as much as I have anymore, because I know you don't want to read some post-teen angst on here anymore than I want to type it. This note is also not directed to every "friend" on Facebook, as some of you I see as colleges, teachers, and people I like to share links with. This is more or less directed to people I dialogue with on a more personal level, which is still a lot of people, but not everyone. Again, sorry, but this is what you get when you leave me alone to think by myself with no one to talk to. Let the real rant begin.

Right now I think I am feeling better, and I hate to say it, but none of my friends that I've previously counted on helped me out when I really needed it, so thanks. I'll remember to return the favor. Ok, so maybe I am still kinda hurt, but I yelled at someone yesterday, which I feel bad about now (even though she laughed at me. Odd woman), but I also feel better, I just wish I didn't need to yell to get my point across.

I take that back, a friend did help me, but its someone who doesn't read my blog or am connected with on the Internet. I think he knew something was wrong, and maybe I misjudged him. We are old friends, and we know when the other is not well, and we help out the best we can. We talked, and he actually had me smile for the first time in about a week. I'm keeping this in mind. I really needed someone to talk to, but no one else did or even attempted.

Let me just say this. If you have someone who considers you to be a friend, who is clearly hurting, almost begging for you to talk to him, and your there, and basically ignore him, or if you are too tied up in your own little perfect world to even just say, "Yo, I'm here for you.", or "Talk to me", which takes less than a minute with modern day conveniences, pass him by without even a hello, or take time out to comment on someone else's notes or status, then I don't know what to say to you, or if I want to say anything. If my little tantrums are too much for you to handle, and ones this bad are few and far between, then get out of my life.

What truly bothers me is that I try my hardest when someone is hurting to help. If I just say, "Hey, I'm here for you" and nothing comes out, I can say I at least tried, and trust me, I do it more than people give me credit for. Something that small or simple would at least acknowledge that I care and want to help. That's what a friend does. If you don't help affirm this, especially when a friend is in need, then you're going to lose that person in your life quickly, if you haven't already.

I'm sorry about all the drama I've been posting on here as of late. Truth be told, I'm tired of being miserable, but no one except that one friend has helped. If you feel a twinge of guilt or think this note is directed to you, then do something before its too late. I'm tired of starting conversations and just going to people. Every once in a while I need them to come to me, to prove they are a friend. Be warned that if you try something now, that I will bring up this rant. I'm sorry, but I can't make it easy, but if you are a true friend, then it shouldn't be a problem.

The anger has gone down, and I am back to more of a relaxed state or normalcy for myself, but I am most definitely not the same and probably never will be again. Maybe its a part of growing up, or maybe I am being a little melodramatic, but the past week has just proven to me how much people are self-centered and that most of humanity is too cruel for their own good. I used to think differently, but not anymore.


The Allengator