March 19th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

@ People Who Are Complaining About the New Facebook Layout

I'm sorry about the following rant, but I'm in a kick-butt mood today.

Stop it. Seriously. Stop. The reason I have to say something is because I am tired of seeing people be petty and nit-picky about the layout. I seriously only have about 20-30 friends on there, and around half of them are STILL complaining about it. Get over it. Don't like the way it looks? No one's forcing you to be on there. Don't care for "this change that no one else would have noticed", then tough luck. If you think you can do a better job, then do it! I mean I am taking programming/web development classes, and I know how hard it is to find a layout that everyone will like. Really hard.

Does this mean I love the layout? No, I really don't care for it, but I have accepted it long before you will. These groups, emails, status updates are really getting annoying. I know there is a group for the sole purpose of complaining about it. Guess what? The Facebook people are too busy swimming in their money to care about your complaints. Seriously, this new layout prints its own money. They aren't going to change anything, well, until the next time the layout is changed, in which case I will be forced to see this drivel all over my wall again.

The reason I feel the need to rant is twofold, but the main reason is because I will be entering this field, and it looks like no matter what my efforts, people aren't going to like it. Again, this goes hand in hand with the recent aggravation and depression I have developed.

Also, while I'm at it, this is directed to people who make notes with just surveys in it.

I get notifications of notes from people all the time about notes the write, and its always:

State your name: Whoever
What do you do: Nothing but these
Who do you love: Myself

The answers are the same, no one probably reads them, so why do it? Why? I am quick to point the finger at myself, but at least with my notes, I put SOME thought into them, instead of answering some questions people already know the answer to. If you fill these things out more than twice a week, then there's something wrong there.

Finally, you ask why I just don't leave Facebook for greener pastures. One, people will get offended if I ignore them online, and secondly, I think Facebook is a powerful tool that gets abused by the masses at large, and though one or two people may read this, I feel the need to tell people they abuse this powerful tool over and over. I'm tired of it, and I wish it would go away, but I know it won't.

Sociopaths need someway of letting people know they exist.

The Allengator