March 11th, 2009


I'm (Not) So Excited

Excitement gives people some invigoration in their lives. I mean its ok to be excited to be excited about going to a concert, or visiting a long-lost friend, or, Heaven forbid, your own wedding, but face it, excitement is what makes our lives feel fulfilling. I hate to admit it, but my life could stand to use some excitement right now.

Emotional highs have not been the highlight of my recent life. In fact, you could say things are dull to just plain existent. Yes, not alive, or even "kicking", but existent. That is how I feel in so many ways. I mean there are things that should be exciting me, like the Saturday I'm going to have off in a couple of weeks. I haven't had a Saturday off from work in almost a year. I mean I just have it off to burn what vacation I have left, but you know how it goes. I should have been excited to see me get it off, but instead, I just saw it and went on with my day, as if it was nothing new.

The last time I got excited about something was a few nights back, but it kind of got ruined because of work being incredibly lousy. I hate it when something you plan, that you really look forward to doesn't go as you plan because of a rotten night at work. Well, just about every night has been rotten recently, but that's aside the point. The point was that I was excited, but now I'm not.

Now I'm going to go and try not to let things annoy me. Heh heh. Not happening tonight. I will try to have something more interesting next time. I do have a review in the works that has taken me a few days to write, so that should be up soon. I hope you appreciate it because I normally wouldn't spend that much time on just one entry. Until next time.

The Allengator