March 2nd, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Mega Media Monday 3.2.09 (WTF Edition)

Welcome to another wonderful edition of Mega Media Monday! It is a well-known fact that WTF stands for What the Fruitloop? Ok, fine. I know the F isn't "Fruitloop", but I'm keeping this blog PG, so substitute it if you really really need to.

Anyways, the phrase is meant to show the shock and confusion one has when coming across something on the Internet. If something strange happens, especially on a forum or IRC chat room. Expect a reply from some Internet geek or 1337 h4x0r with a simple, "WTF?!!?". The point of the videos below are or shocking for the most part. Nothing vile or anything under the cut (you know how I am), but they are messed up anyhow.

Collapse )

I hope you aren't too wierded out by this week's videos, but then again, its kind of fun messing with people's heads, so I feel like its been worth it :P. As always, submissions of themes and videos are encouraged and I could really use some inspiration for the future, as I am one man, and one man's tank of originallness can only take him so far. Need an incentive to submit something? Well, how about $10 in invisible money, the official money of invisible people! Yeah, that should do it.

Join me next week for more Internet entertainment extreme! See you guys next week, and happy watching!

The Allengator