February 25th, 2009

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Malls Aren't What They Used to Be

Hey everyone. Glad to be back from a busy weekend.

I mean I had a fairly sizable assignment from school, work, and church stuff all in the same weekend, so it made it hard to blog on here...well...at least blog about anything substantial. I feel I did enough catching up with work today to do some blogging, so here I am doing so.

Lately I have been craving me some travel. Nothing too major, but maybe a trip to Branson or Osage Beach. Then I did some searching on the Internet to see what was still around, because the primary reason I go out there is to shop and browse. Curious at the offerings, I looked and saw that many of my favorite stores are gone. I guess the economy really is bad. There are a couple of bookstores that I went to that are gone, the toy store is also gone, and a few specialty stores with knives, shoes, and video games, all closed. It's depressing. The red roof mall advertises its "90+ stores", but it looks like they just have around 40, including the restrooms.

The Meadows is now mostly an OTC campus with really odd stores. I forgot to see of that one arcade/deli store was still there. Then again, a place like that is only fun if you have someone to play with there. I never cared for the Lee store there, and the same goes with the rest, with the exception being the "Big & Tall" store, which is pretty cheap with nice clothes. Other than that, there isn't anything there worth looking at.

Tanger is as it always was. There aren't any special stores that are unlike any in Springfield that peak my interest. There was a music store, but I think its gone. It always carried nice DVD sets. I've been to Branson Landing once, and the only store there I liked was the Discovery Channel Store, so its not worth a trip just to go there.

That is a typical trip to Branson, but more on that after I rant about Osage Beach. The Mall there has became my preferred mall of choice, but it is also as slim pickings as the other ones. Last time I went it was going under a remodel for several stores, and when I checked the store listings, most of them are now gone. I think I'd still rather go there than Branson, shopping-wise, but I prefer the locale of Branson to Osage Beach. Its a pickle, I tell ya.

Then my mother started going on about Google Earth. I had it a while back and was disappointed in it, but the newer one is nice, mainly for the "3D-ish" photos. With this enhancement, I went on a virtual tour of Branson, acting like I was driving there, walking through the parking lots. It was kind of funny, yet very sad at the same time. The photos taken are a couple months old, and I know it doesn't look like that now. I was traveling, yet staying still. I encourage you guys to try out the new Google Earth. It is fascinating.

The only other place I would go is Joplin, but I didn't check out the details of the businesses there. I would probably just go to Hastings, and possibly the mall, but that's it. I thought about going to Columbia and their mall, but I'm not brave enough to venture there on my own.

What are other reasons to travel for me....hmm...I don't like nature or being outside much. I don't really like fairs or anything. I would go to a convention, if they were on my days off or free. So, in short, there isn't much reason for me to venture out of my house, except for the forced social interaction that comes from work, school, and church.

That's all I feel like explaining today. Until next time.

The Allengator