February 5th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Current Fads That Need to Stop

Hey guys. I actually had a review of Chuck/Heroes all typed up, but wouldn't you know it, the server move was going on then (Note to LJ Staff: Some of us can't convert GMT easily. Next time you do this, at LEAST put it in pacific, as that is where your HQ is located). I really don't feel like typing up 5+ pages of text again, so here is the mini-mini recap.

Chuck was par, with 3D effects I couldn't quite grasp.
I am weary of Heroes and some certain storylines, but I will hold off my final say for a few more episodes.

Tonight, as I wait for Infomania to load, I wanted to vent on some fads that annoy me. You may not agree with some, but hey, its my opinion, so there :P.

First off, what's with this "Afro Samurai" "anime"? It seems like everyone and their mother goes on and on and on about it. I saw some pictures, and it looks less than desirable for my taste. Don't get me wrong, I think its awesome someone wants to do an anime on an african american, but its sorta like the Boondocks, animation looks nice, but its a bit much for my pallate. I wish it would just go away.

It has been almost a month of being in office, and I have seen Obama more in ads than on tv, which is shocking considering how much exposure he has on tv right now. Facebook is mostly to blame. It asks me "got YOUR Obama check yet?" "Obama's IQ is 127. Think you can beat it?" I can beat 127, and probably the combined IQ of the people eho think these ads are cool.

Thirdly, speaking of Facebook, what is up with some people posting minute-by-minute updates in their lives? Now, that is not to say the menial, such as "folding the laundry" isn't acceptable, but when its with "just woke up", "just gargled", "had his/her morning coffee and bagel", "flushed the toilet", "is at the computer", "hates all men/women", "thinks butter is awesome", "going to work from 1pm-1am", "back from work", and "going to sleep" withing the course of 24...nay, 72 hours, then maybe we should suggest some Facebook detoxing.

Next is snow plows. As most people around here know, we got banged up with a pretty bad storm last week, with snow and ice. Now, I fully appreciate the hard work plowers do, but I think some could use some more practice. I mean, yay, you cleared off the road, but you also BLOCKED A LANE OFF WITH THE SAME SNOW. I mean sure, the road is clear, but there is still something causing the constipation of cars on the road, and that would be unintended mountains in the middle of the lane. I feel its safe to complain since its still there well after a week.

I also have a problem with Anime products, but that's a whole entry in and of itself.

The Super Bowl is over, people. Get over it. Now I am not opposed to people mentioning the game itself, no, but I will tire of hearing the same game over and over and over the course of the next few months while fans go through football withdrawal. That isn't whats bugging me. It's almost Friday, almost the weekend. Almost a week after said big game. Guess what is on nearly every freakin' website. Just guess. Take a crack at it. If you said "Super Bowl Ads", then you're right. Ugh. Some people need to seriously stop promoting the ads as much. I mean I love them as much as the next guy, but shoving them down my throat and going on and on and on about how "awesome" they were, I get tired really quick of the bruhaha, as it were. This is why I set myself apart from the realm of sports.

That is all I feel like ranting on right now. In short, I will end with this:


The Allengator