January 20th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Inaugural Burnout

Today, without doubt, is a very important day in the history of our country, as we are swearing in the first African-American president in this country. History is being written as we speak. The media, however, has burned me out completely.

I woke up at my usual time, just enough to get around for school. At the time, they were having a bunch of people speak. Then I saw the mass number of people congregating outside. It looked overwhelming. Then I saw Joe Biden take his oath. Yay. Inbetween, I couldn't help but get slowly nerved at the commentary of the newspeople. Same thing, every few minutes. Making obvious statements -- "Obama is wearing a coat". Anyways, so I waited, and waited, speech after speech, waiting for the oath to be over with, and the sure-to-be historical speech by our future president. Of course I needed to go to school. Darn education.

As I went in my room to prepare for the day's lesson, I heard him come on tv, FINALLY speaking. I heard bits of this and that. I was waiting for "it". What am I talking about? IT. The one quote that will stand out and will survive the test of time. "We have nothign to fear but fear itself" "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." "Four score and seven years ago." "We're two strangers to love" etc. Well, the parts I did hear (I am going to watch it in whole later), I did not hear much that standed out. Were my expectations too high? Am I dumb? Will they ever make a hovering car? Some questions will never be answered. Maybe the famous quote will surface later. I mean, it wasn't like they coined famous phrases on the day of the speech or anything.

I had to leave for my journey to higher education before he stopped. That bummed me, but what can you do? After a mediocre day, semi-depressing as I went to the local Circuit City, I returned to see our president get to the White House. Wow. I was totally there at one time! I watched the 3 MPH parade go down Pennslvania Avenue, and there were the geniuses making comments again. Repeating themselves, letting us know that it is cold. I was getting annoyed faster.

The actual parade started, and they played the same/similar songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and then there were some native americans and over and over. I found it amusing that they let the horseback riders near the FRONT of the parade, in front of the bands, gymnists, and distunguished officers in the military. Lovely. More stupid comments, and below I saw the ticker say, "Pope prays for good of new president." Er, as opposed to what, exactly?

Then the local news came on and totally took off the parade. Hogs. I would almost slightly consider maybe forgiveness in such an occassion if disaster was in my area, or if they had, you know, actual local news. Nope. 28 minutes of recaps of the inaugruation, and 2 minutes of weather. Yes, I timed it. Hogs.

Then the balls came on. Wow. Theres Ray Romano, star of one of my favorite comedies, "Everybody Loves Raymond" and look, he forgot to bring the funny! As the balls continue, the president danced to Beyonce. I don't care what my future wife thinks. If she thinks that we're dancing to Beyonce on out wedding day, forget it! Then again, I won't dance anyhow. Not only do I suck at dancing, its against my beliefs. Anyways, enough about me. More acrobats spinning in tablecovers and Sting songs later, Biden comes, gives a nearly identical speech, and has to dance to someone I never heard of before. I had my television on mute most of the time. It just wasn't worth it.

Quote of the stupid media: "And one of your favorite bands, Fall-Out BoX". Yes, several times she said BOX, or maybe Bocks. Bawks? Boys, even I know that. I think it was Katie Couric who said that, but I can't confirm it for now.

So now the news is recapping the events of the day...THROUGH THEIR EYES. I mean its cool, but when you add even MORE commentary to what really should be unsaid, or has been said for the umteenth million time, then please let the day die. I turned off my tv, because, as I stated, I got burned out. Nothing against our president, Barack Obama, but the news people, no matter which station it is, annoy me. I think I'm going to watch coverage on Youtube. At least they know what it means to be a "silent observer". I hope Infomania rips them a new one this week. The election coverage was good, but this was abyssmal.

Seriously, though. I haven't felt such patriotic pride in a long time, and after a subpar few years, it was great seeing Americans come together, no matter what race, creed, political sides, or nationalities (Europe, Kenya some of the few places watching earnestly). This was an important day, and I can't wait to tell my future offspring that I spent that night blogging and being snarky about the media. Thank you, and good night.

The Allengator