January 17th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Curse You, Jay Leno!

Ugh. Talk about someone who is full of himself. But before I go on this television-related rant, let's have some background.

Last year, NBC decided they want to try something new for the 2009-2010 television season, seeing how scripted television is becoming more of a thing of the past. They want, starting at 10/9 central time, to have a Jay Leno hour show on weeknights. Yes, Monday through Friday, Leno will be gracing us his presence with his very prettyful chin during primetime. Now, if it was just one night, I would have overlooked it and not said anything, but its not. Its five freakin' nights a week. That, my friends, is stupid.

The worst part is that it will effect the scripted shows the most. With a timeslot hog like Leno porking up five hours of scheduling, guess what? Someone has to take the fall. Unfortunately, crap like (supposedly)Knight Rider and The Biggest Loser will remain on to torture us another day. Right now, I have only two shows that I watch on Mondays. I watch Heroes, which, let's face it, is the Sonic the Hedgehog of the television. We hope and pray that the next batch of episodes will be good, but they disappoint. However, it is one of the power shows of NBC and I really doubt that it will see the sweet taste of cancelation for now. Don't get me wrong, I am still a Heroes fan, and will continue to for a long while, but I am not as big of a fan as I used to be.

The other show, the one I am marginally worried about is Chuck, which, while it gets decent ratings, is not really the biggest show on NBC. It is my favorite now, considering how much of a slump Heores is in, and while I love Lost, it is going to be off in around a year from now, so I am looking for another show to keep me satisfied. Currently, Chuck, Heroes, and Lost are the only scripted shows that I watch on TV, considering that I don't have cable, or else I'd add quite a few more to that list. What prompted this was a simple question asked by one of those gossip ladies, when asking the creator of the series, "Are you planning the finale as a series finale?"

WHAT? Is Chuck in trouble? Why was I not notified of this? So I did some research, and guess what the main scapegoat is. That's right, Jay Leno. A lot of marginally good shows are in trouble, and the worst part is that the bad ones are getting a chance. Couple that with pilots that want to get their foot in the door, and that means shows will have to be canceled.

This is also with the news that juggernaut House, on Fox, is moving to Monday nights, the same time slot as Chuck, and you can see why Chuck may be in trouble. Couple all of this with a quote from a network exec saying "We know both Chuck and Life have extremely dedicated fanbases, but...", and I didn't have to read the rest. Although she later went over her tracks again and said that ratings alone won't save a show, the fanbases will also be taken into consideration, the fact that she blatantly pushed both of those shows into the danger zone made me more that just bat an eye at it.

If NBC does cancel Chuck, it will be a mistake. Trust me, a lot of the fans, including yours truly, are also Heroes fans, and we sure as heck don't want to watch Leno. I am considering the grim reality, and if Chuck gets canceled, I will probably also stop watching Heroes. Now I say that there is a chance that I will still watch Heroes, and the reason I watch is other than Chuck, but without incentive to watch something other than Leno or...whatever, I will probably not care too much for Heores in the future.

Sorry about being so complainy today, but that just set me off when I read the news. Televsion is a dying medium.

The Allengator