January 14th, 2009

Lost Cast

Lost Season Five Speculatory Stuffs

Before I go much furthur in this post, I will warn you that there are spoilers in here pertaining to Lost. A lot of this will be speculation on my part, but you have been warned.

Next week we will see the premeire of the fifth season of Lost, which will contain one recap episode (we know how much people LOVE those) and not one, but TWO new episodes to kick off its penultimate season. Earlier tonight they showed the three part season finale from last year, so now my brain feels a little less rusty in the realm of Lost information. I have been keeping ties on some, but not all spoilers to the season, so I am going to go over what I think will happen, based on the information I know.

The main point of the season will be getting the "Oceanic Six" back to the island (speaking of which, shouldn't they have named it something by now? I know on TWoP the reffer to it as "Craphole Island", ala Shannon, but still. "The Island" seems too ambiguous). They will probably show the "really bad things" that happen on the island as well. As for now, I am more emotionally invested in the other stories, you know, Desmond and Penny, Walt, and who can forget, Vincent. Ok, so maybe not the last one, but still.

One fact still remains uncertain, though. The fact of WHO needs to return. I mean its a given that the "Oceanic Six" are going back, but htey are also bringing "Jeremy Betham" aka John Locke, I wouldn't be suprised to see Desmond go back as well. I would also LOVE to see Frank return as well. While he seemed more like a wallflower, I think he has promise as a character, even if its minor.

Anyways, to the speculation. One thing I know is that Hurley and Sayid are now BFFs. I saw the snippit of the fight scene, and LOVED it. Sayid taking down those guys with the dishwasher, and Hurley grabbing the gun at the most innoppertune time. LOLZ. I guess they will be spending a lot of time together at first. Interesting.

Another point is Ben's involvement with everything. You have to really feel for his character, and I think Michael Emmerson does a fantastic job of the part. You know he reall really really wants to go back to the island, but last we heard, he isn't allowed back. I wonder if he finds some sort of loophole and returns anyhow, because Ben and the island are like bread and butter.

Also, I would love to see Walt, but it looks unlikely that he will have any bearing on the story for now. Sad.

The Freighter Scientists have been interesting to watch, especially Faraday. I mean sure, he is a little odd, but he seems to know the most of what's going on, and he will be very important in helping others realize what is happening to the island this season since he is, after all, a physicist with a special emphasis on time travel and black holery.

Now for Sawyer, Juliet, and the other island folk. I read that "This is the season for Sawyer", meaning more screen time and more attention. I preffer that since, you know, he had NO flash-anythings last season. Juliet I also have some, but not a lot, of interest in. I mean her story has been told, and she is STILL on Craphole Island. If Smokey doesn't get her, then get her off the island. The romance angle hasn't been working out. Don't get me wrong, she is an excellent character, but she is almost invisible compared to Sun and Kate.

All I can say is, more Richard Alpert please. (I have on good faith that he is back for more than half of the episdoes this season. Yays!)

The Dharma Initiative is almost like watching a crappy 70's sci-fi movie gone wrong. I mean the scientist think they have isolated the bug that causes the flu, try an antidote that turns humans into flies, and soon the world is mutated. The end. Yeah, like that. I think that most of the Dharma stories will be closed this season. With the added component of time travel, it makes it easy for the writers to include SOMETHING. That being said, some of their videos are still a little creepy.

Jack is going to face an ultimatum. Stay here on Earth, or return to the island and never come back. Good news is that he is almost off the drugs! Also, interestingly enough, they say that Locke becomes more of a man of faith while Jack becomes more of a man of faith. VERY eeenterressting.

That is all I have for now. Enjoy the premeire next week!

The Allengator