January 12th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Mega Media Monday 1.12.09 (Covers Edition)

The point of any series is to entertain and help masses waste uncertain ammounts of time. However, a series does become predictable over time (I'm looking at you cop shows on CBS, also known as mostly CBS). Well, let it never be said that Mega Media Monday is that way, so in the spirit of doing things differently, I thought I would do something different this week.

All previous incantations of this feature have been, for the most part, Youtube videos loosely tied together by a common thread, be it from the same troupe, same kind of setting, or something I came up with. However, good videos are hard to find, and become harder as this is a weekly segment. I hate to repeat videos, but I also want to keep this running as long as I can. So instead of my taking a break from it, I decided to do something completely different, which is instead of videos, do audio things.

Technically, everything IS audio, but they have had videos accompany then. This week, though, is a video-free Mega Media Monday. So enjoy it, and there will be more of them in the future!

This week we look at covers. Now anyone that knows me knows that one facet of music that I can't stand is groups covering songs. Most of the time, they just suck at that sort of thing. However, sometimes you hear one on the radio and you think "Wow, this ACTUALLY sounds good." then you find out its a cover. I was under that dilemma, so in the interests of science, I looked up what I could with covers, and was pretty suprised.

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Please let me know if any of these will not let you play them. You may need to sign up on Imeem, I don't know. They should work, but that's according to me.

That is it. I hope you wern't too suprised at the change in venue. As always, suggestions and whatnot are very, very, VERY welcome here, and just contact me in the normal ways. I hope you have a good week, and until next time, happy viewing...er...listening. Yeah.

The Allengator