January 11th, 2009

cat, tiger

Dreading Classes is Always Fun :D!

Hold on a sec. I need to find my muse for the moment.

*Goes through music list*

Right now the song is "Sukiyaki" by Kyu Sakamoto (A popular oldies song, NOT J-Rock!).

Sometimes when I blog, I NEED background music to help me out. Sometimes I need complete silence. I guess "art" (or lack thereof) is a fickle realm indeed.

Honestly, my day to day life, as you might have known through the lack of postings, is honestly not much worth blogging. All you would ever see is angst at work, boringness at home, and school, which is starting up soon.

Hey, I can talk about school!

*Changed song to "School Rumble 4 Ever". It just felt right*

I am just going to be frank and honest. This is probably the semester I am least looking forward to. The problem is the class. I love the material, but I am afraid I am going to be stuck with THEM. Secondaries. It IS a video game design class, so of couse a bunch of adolecents will sign up for it. The class is 15-16 people full, but how much do you want to bet that they are all male. Seriously. Not that I go to classes to pick up on women or anything, but seriously, most classes I have has are male-dominated classes.

The reason I signed up for this class was just to learn more about the gaming industry. To quote the website, "This course provides hands on experience in creating interactive video games as well as offering a historical and critical approach to the evolution of computer and video game design from its beginnings to the present. It brings together cultural, business, and technical perspectives. This will lead to an understanding of the history of this medium, as well as insights into design, production, marketing, and socio-cultural impacts of interactive entertainment and communication." If things are the way they were a couple of semesters ago, here is what I can gather.

1) The critical approach is how much you love WoW.
2) The socio-cultural is who can afford the monthly fees of WoW.
3) The "Interactive Videogame" is "Half-Life 2" maps or something. I don't play FPS.

Now if I am so critical coming into this class, then why sign up? I think its interesting, despite whether the class is mature or not. Like it or not, these are people who buy games, and I can learn from GAMERS what GAMERS want, if I go into game development, video or otherwise.

*Now playing "Itsumo no fuukei". Its a trumpet BGM from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"*

Maybe making maps in "Half-Life" will be more interesting than I thought. This could be the most mind-blowing class ever, as far as I know. I just hope its slightly better than I predict. I always predict classes to be lower in quality so as to not be disappointed. I could come on Tuesday and be all, "WHOA! THIS WILL BE THE BEST CLASS EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!".

The teacher, I know, is good. I had him for a media class a couple years ago, and I enjoyed him. Anyways, my main goal is to download a demo and a Chuck episode.

That is that. Now onto other subjects.

*Changed it to "Birdhouse in Your Soul", by They Might Be Giants*

Tomorrow's Mega Media Monday will be different, but it took me a while to compile, so you better enjoy it. Just prepare to be shockified. Its unlike any other.

One guilty pleasure is watching "The Angry Video Game Nerd". I shouldn't watch him because of the scatalogical and vulgarity of his language, but its funny, and actually, its informative. I make it a point to watch, especially when he is reviewing a console or peripheral. Honestly, it has a lot of intelligence and information behind it. For instance, did you know there was a system called the "Vectrix", which had extremely primitive graphics (Even compared to Atari, or even text-based adventures), that rendered all graphics with blue vectors on a black backgorund, except when you put a plastic overlay on the screen.

And now we waggle with a stick in front of a tv.

Look how far we come

*Changed to "Thrill" by Tomoyasu Hotei. Now THAT'S J-Rock!*

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