January 2nd, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Reuniting With an Old Friend, and the Linearness of Time

Ugh, sorry about yesterday's short entry. I make it a point to blog in the first day of the year, but it was late and I felt like crap. My allergies were on overdrive yesterday and wouldn't (read: still) give up. After a night of intermittent sleep, I woke up late and I still feel like a ton of bricks hit me, but by golly, I am going to blog.

Yesterday was a blast for me yesterday. I had an old friend come over, and just like old times, he and I played games well until the sun went down. The odd thing with our friendship is that we don't talk about our personal lives too much, but we spend time together anyhow. Inbetween games, we did talk a little and caught up with what we were up to. We haven't hung out in years....maybe about 4 or so. He used to be over all the time, but we drifted and life catches up with you.

The New Year reminds us that we live in a liner timeline. You pass by the moments in your life once, and you can never go back. Taking that into consideration with life, we wish we could go back to those more carefree moments of our childhood, but in reality, we can't. We could stay there, but we also want freedom and the burden of resposibility, so we can't just stay there. Thus is life.

With that being said, I don't think there is anything wrong with going back every so often and reliving the moments we had before with people we care about. Its similar to a couple visiting where they first met, or had their first date.

Anyways, we agreed to meet again next week. It'll be fun.

Has everyone made their resolutions for the year? Good. I'll make sure to ask in a few months on how you are doing. I didn't really make any this year, not saying I can't improve myself, but I am continually striving to do so with or without a new year.

That is about it for today, I will see you guys later. Have a good weekend!

The Allengator