October 2nd, 2008

Ice King, Adventure Time

SQL Suffering

It looks like it'll be another one of those weekends I will be unable to blog much. This is, again, due to my homework. Maybe some of my friends will post interesting stuff. I should be back to normal around Sunday or Monday. Thanks for understanding.

Blame Microsoft for making SQL Server so (censored)ing hard to understand for a newbie, and even harder to install...ugh...

Edit: I will have a very nice suprise for you inbetween now and then, so keep your eyes peeled on my page where I don't exactly post entries....

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Ice King, Adventure Time

Nintendo Almost Restores My Faith in it

**Appended 10-3-08. See below**

Wow. Megaton news from the Nintendo Media Summit. Enough to make me break my "radio silence". Minor news first.

Sin and Punishment 2 slated for the Wii. The first Sin and Punishment came out on the N64, and was a cult hit, so I am pretty suprised Nintendo is going to revive a core franchise like that. Think of Star Fox 64 on foot. The game is slated for 2009.

Punch Out! Wii is announced. I know this is a major release, and many people have been clammering for it for a while. I personally am not a fan of it, but it is a game needed to help retain the gamers that were shunned at E3. It is slated for the first half of 2009.

Also, a, putting it VERY loosely, "storage solution" may be here in the form of "being able to load from an SD card". Yeah, better find some high-end many gigabyte cards, peeps, because this might be all we get before the next gen console. I mean yeah, its better than nothing, but will it be enough? I guess the outcry will decide that. The solution is coming in 2009.

Now for DS stuffs.

A new "Mario and Luigi" game is coming to the DS. No official name or date yet (other than the obligatory "2009"), but it will be in leiu to "Superstar Saga" and "Partners in Time".

Rhythm Heaven, a hugely popular game in Japan, will be released state-side as well sometime in 2009.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon with Wifi will be realeased in the U.S. in the first half of 2009.

A 3D picross game!!!!!! (Yes, I am a Picross freak)

Possible new Wario/WarioWare game coming to the DS. If it is WarioWare, then it may be in line with the biggest news thus far.

NEW DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, what was once a rumor is now fact. Nintendo officially announced a new Nintendo DS, called the DSi. This caused major geeking out from yours truly, almost as much as when Sonic was announced for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The new DSi will have, as previously mentioned, not onem but TWO cameras, one really crappy 0.3MP camera on the outside, and one facing the player (might make cause for a new WarioWare game), music playback, including pitch and music search, a SD slot, a new DS downlaod service ala Wii Shop Channel (more on that after this), smaller, bigger screens, the death of the GBA slot (*sniff*), built in crappy browser (face it, it will be), and it will be in matte, and roughly be $179.

The DS shop will cause Ninty to change the name from "Wii Points" to "Nintendo Points". As soon as a person logs onto the DS shop for the first time, they get a free 1000 points! The wares will be in the range of free, 200, 500, and 800 points. Now, I am no rocket scientist, but here is my predictions for these.

Free- Who knows
200 - GB/GBC games
500 - GBA games
800 - DS Games

No, this is just a shot into the dark, but its nice to think about. 800 points for a DS game? Well, that isn't out of the question, as Brain Ages 1 and 2 will be offered on the service, but will be retooled. The lucky Japanese will get this in November, while we here on the U.S. soil will not see it until "well into the 2009 calendar year". Start saving your pennies, people.

I know its a lot on info, and I'm too lazy to post sources (just go to any major game news site, like joystiq, ign, gamespot, 1up, otaku, and so on). More may be announced before the conference ends tomorrow. My main bug is that not ONE of these were mentioned at E3, and most will be released before the next one, so they don't really have an excuse in not announcing at least one of these gems. Punch Out would have worked fine, thankyouverymuch. But still, new is better than "Look at us, we have a drummer!!!! DUR!" debacle from a few months prior. Some of my faith is restored in Nintendo, but I need to know more about the DSi before I pass judgement.

**Appendium 10-3-08**

Europe will be getting their hands on the sleek, new system in "Spring 2009". Now, as times past, North Amercia has received most, but not all, consoles before Europe. Tie that in with Reggie, the face of Nintendo North America, stating in an interview that America will have to wait "Well into 2009" and today said "Not until after April 2009". IF, and again, pure speculation, if the pattern persists with console releases, then I would say May-June of 2009 wouldn't be out of the question, as "Spring of 2009" covers most of that.

Obviously, the main reason Japan and Europe have early dates is because the PSP is starting to gain some ground, especially in Japan, so Nintendo is trying to push them out of the way again. So far reactions have been either "So uberly cool, I want it now" to "WAAHHH! I just bought a DS lite. I will probably skip this one." If Nintendo is sucessful, then Playstation portability may be in trouble overseas, but if it doesn't work, then Nintendo better worry...

Best recap of the above information is here, and the interview about release dates in America can be found here.

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