September 27th, 2008

Ice King, Adventure Time

Blogging about Blogging and Blogs

Wow, several days since my last entry? I find that hard to believe. Too ,uch has been going on, but not a lot, if you know what I mean. This is the first weekend I have had in forever in which I do not have homework to worry about, so I have mostly been playing games. Not much to blog about on that end. I'm just replaying Age of Mythology. I forgot how good RTS games were, especially when you have time. Nothing like escaping reality by killing hoardes of minotaurs with some hydras, by golly!

Aside from that, there just isn't anything blog-worthy to blog about. Work still kinda vacuums, school is school-ish, and my personal life is....personal. That is why I've been asking you guys to create some LiveJournals. You don't even have to blog. All you have to do is create a completely free account, add me as your friend, and TA-DA! You are missing out. It may look like I haven't blogged on Facebook or whatnot, but those are blocked from my friends-only filter. I'm working on some new things, sharing deeply personal thoughts, and invoking all kinds of awesomeness (my awesomeness level went up as a result of two episodes of SBCG4AP). So add me today!

Perhaps another reason for not blogging is because, *GASP*, other people are blogging now!!! OMGosh!!!!!!! In fact, if they don't mind, I will do some linkage on their parts. Check 'em out! They have some interesting thoughts.

  • sweetchick85
    Loretta is a really good friend of mine who loves to read books. Since I rarely pick up those, she does reviews on them, and shares some neat "slice of life" entry-types. Definately worth a read! You will have to add her to read it, but it is more than worth it :).
  • godsluvlives
    Brandy just started her LiveJournal as well. I expect lots of neat stuff from her!
  • Aaron's Notes
    Anoter awesome friend who blogs just every once in a while. I really like his notes, because they are extremely thought provoking. I nearly repond to all of his notes. Go there for a nice deep thinking session.

They have picked up the slack that off on? I hope I get enough time to upload the rest of my audio blog for the world to see. I am aiming for a Saturday night/Sunday release on that one. Actually, I may have a better idea. Ah HA! I does has a better idea! YAY! I better get started on it! So just be patient, and you will be rewarded plenty, heh!

I will honestly try to have something for you the rest of the weekend. No promises, but I will try, inbetween slayings of trojans. Morons stole my Helen...

The Allengator
Ice King, Adventure Time

The Saga of Petey the Monkey - LJ 22

The Saga of Petey the Monkey
by The Allengator

Petey was waiting for something to happen at home, but boredom was getting ready to get the best of him. "The summer is over, and I did not do anything fun", said Petey. It was then and there that Petey came up with an excellent plan. He decided to go on a float trip.

He was not used to "roughing it" so he grabbed a lot of things. He grabbed a cooler, packed sandwiches, magazines, books, his Gamebuddy™, his knife collection, fishing pole, radio, clock, portable dvd player and allergy medication for his 3 hour trip.

As Petey inflated his raft and loaded it, he enjoyed the sweet, fresh air of the woods and the sparkling clear water of the river. He shoved off and went to floating on the river.

In the middle of his magazine article, he noticed he was getting off course, and no wonder. There were some rather large rapids heading this way, and this is where Petey discovered his first mistake. He forgot to pack oars. To compensate, he grabbed a large knife from his collection and used it to steer himself in the right direction.

This was his second mistake.

As he paddled in haste, he accidently sliced a hole on his raft, and the weight of everything took the raft down, and Petey went down the rapids like a pinball in a pinball machine. HE collided with many rocks and passed out.

Moral: Hope floats, but bodies don't.

This "Saga of Petey the Monkey" brought to you by the maker's of the Gamebuddy™. "Gamebuddy™, we're EVERYWHERE!

The Allengator