September 11th, 2008

Ice King, Adventure Time

Seven Years Ago, A Tragedy

Evidently, today is now being reffered to as "Patriot's Day" for those of us in the United States, because on this day, seven years ago, we had an atrocity happen.

Do you remember what you were doing that morning?
Do you remember how you felt?
Did you see the reactions of other people?
Remember the videos that were on tv?
Remember the news coverage that lasted for days?

We forget in our times of political and economic turmoil that sometimes, we just need to put things in perspective. It doesn't matter if you are Democrat, Republican, Third Pary or whatever affiliation, everyone here agrees that there were innocent lives that were lost on this day. There could have been a father on the plane thinking "I now get to go home and spend time with my daughter now that my business trip is over. I hope she likes the doll I got her." The last thing he thought of were terrorists or Osama Bin Laden. Its painful to think that your life is over just like that, but that is how it was for those people. There was a moment of tranquility, panic, fear, and sadness for everyone on those planes and watching tv, as the second plane slammed into the first one on live tv.

Let us not forget that not only are we a nation of people, but we are humans as well. That is all I have to say.

The Allengator