September 10th, 2008

Ice King, Adventure Time

Random Entry Time! Yes, Again!

Hello friends. Thanks for viewing my blog entry, and other entries. I sometimes don't say it, and you guys it rarely, give me feedback, but I am grateful that you take time out of your day to read these things. Thank you.

Anyways, I am currently blogging from my desk at school. Boy, that sounded kiddish. I am blogging from my station at college! Ok, so that was a little nerdy, but hey, what else do you expect from me?

This is one of those days I feel compelled to blog, although I am not sure why. Nothing interesting happens to me, unless its something NOT good. I mean yeah, I would like to think that I am generally a happy go lucky kind of guy, and I love activities like church and school, I tolerate work. I tolerate it a LOT. But all in all, not a bad life if I do say so myself.

I really REALLY need to talk about the anime I watched on Youtube, but I do not have enough time to dedicate an entry towards it for the time being. I will give you a hint. In the Mega Media Monday entry, it was shown a couple of times during the anime video. I am even thinking of picking up a volume of the manga to tide me over until I feel like I can safely afford a dvd set of it. Does this mean I luffs me some anime now? Nah. This is the only one I looked at that I liked. Hmm.

The past few days I have felt the need to just go out there and do something awesome. Yes. Go out and meet women. Maybe find my soulmate if I don't already know her. Who knows. Maybe I just craves me some companionship, but I'm an adult-ish right now, and I just need to learn to get by with what I got, and not linger on stupid friendships and junk. I mean, I think friendship is a lost art in our modern society. With the internet, cellular phones, and drive thru wedding chapels/espresso baristas, we just don't seem to connect as much. I honestly think it would be easier in my case if I lived in a city like Sprignfield. Marshfield, as most people know, sucks with places young people who don't want to get humped, drunk, or smoke-filled lungs. I mean we have good 'ol Wall*Mart, but after working there, I really do not want to go. Yeah, Marshfield sucks.

You know what else sucks? Gas prices. I know everyone and their mother is complaining about prices, but if they were low enough, I would go out and travel/cruise the countryside, but in these horrid economic times, it just simply isn't feasable. Plus, I never have an evening free. Seriously. The only good times to cruise would be during the night, turning up your favorite tunes, and just enjoying the ride. Nothing beats it, in my opinion.

Another thing that has been bothering me is that I have the feeling someone is keeping something from me. I don't know why. I don't know who. It just feels that way. It feels like I should know something, but whoever it is isn't telling me. Is it paranoia? Do I just suffer from too much anxiety? Who knows. I wish I could just feel at ease, that everything is groovy, and it may be. There is just that little voice telling me that someone has something. Meh.

Well, I am going to get ready to learn! We are making a webpage that calculates factorals. Fun times. Be safe!

The Allengator