September 8th, 2008

Ice King, Adventure Time

Mega Media Monday 09.08.08 (Japanese Edition)

Konichiwa ^.^! It is another Monday, which means it is time for another installment of Mega Media Monday, and it is a doozy this week, folks. Springfield recently had a Japanese festival that I regretfully could not make due to work and stuff. I make this entry a tribute to them, and hope that I can make it next year (I'd love a chibi picture of myself :D). Also, I would like to dedicate this week's installment to my good friend and fellow co-worker, Aaron. I hope I chose the right ones!

Enough chit chat. On to the videos!

Collapse )

That is it for this week. I hope you aren't too screwed up. I swear that I will not divulge into Japanese stuff all the time! Just enjoy some "culture", and join me next time for some extra exciting stuff!

The Allengator