September 5th, 2008

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A Review of Chrome

Hey guys. Sorry about me not updating, but school has kind of been keeping me busy, as well as car stuff, but the car stuff is over...for now....Oh yeah, it would behoove you to sign me up as a friend on LiveJournal, because I am going to start the "friends only" jargon again. I am going to post items that I may just not want the general public to see, or care about. Will they appear as notes on Facebook? No. I've been testing it out, and "friends only" entries do not show up in the public RSS feed import. Go to Livejournal and create a new account, which is 100% free. After that, go to my blog and add me as a friend. I probably won't deny you ;).

With that out of the way, I wanted to tell you guys about a new web browser that is really nifty. Everyone has been looking for a replacement for Internet Explorer for quite a while now. Most people at OTC are Firefox fanboys/girls. It is kind of annoying to tell the truth. They are always saying how awesome it is...and I will agree on some points. Downloads are better and so forth. I just was not getting into the whole Firefox deal. I have shamefully been mostly using Internet Explorer since forever ago. Google wants to rectify that.

Google Chrome is a new browser currently in beta testing. I downloaded it and have been trying it out the past couple of days. Here is what I noticed.

Initial reactions:

  • Very barebones, but in a good way.
  • No menu bar
  • Tabs are supported
  • No status bar on the bottom

So it is a hybrid of Firefox and Internet Explorer in other words. So now I will do a quick rundown of the pros and cons in the beta.


  • So far I have not had to download any plugins for Flash or anything else.
  • Downloads are out of the way, and can be saved AND executed within the window.
  • There is an "Incognito" mode where you can browse without any cookies or history being recorded, save for downloads and bookmarks.
  • Passwords are remembered.
  • Bigger window without the extra bars and stuff


  • Not sure if this is a universal problem, but my up scroll on my touch pad does not work.
  • Some sites are blocked because it is not Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any other mainstream browser.
  • No link list. I know it doesn't need it (It will automatically complete what you are typing in), but it feels weird to browse without it.
  • I do not like the bookmarks list just floating on top of the new tab/window screen.
  • Streams and Flash streams load a little slower than in Internet Explorer

All in all, it is worth a download to see if you like it. I am going to probably use it for my general browsing for a while. I would call this a "try-it-out" download. You can find the download here. Until next time.

The Allengator