March 31st, 2008

Ice King, Adventure Time

An Old Friend, and Older Thoughts

I really hope I can get this on here without much trouble.

The internet companies are being evil again. We hope that we will have our connectivity problems solved once and for all this time, as soon as they repair the box outside. Which box is anyone's guess.

Also, I really want to forget that last weekend even existed. I went to a dark place that I really hope I never revisit again. REALLY dark. Sadly, work was the best part. That is never good.

Yes, as soon as we get a solid connection to the internet, the Geek's Weeklies will resume. I am not comfortable sending data over a volitle connection which could terminate at any moment.

I got an early "Happy Birthday" from an old friend that I have not heard from in a few years. He's......changed. He left Missouri a few years back due to some family issues, and has supposedly been in and out of mental hospitals. Anyways, he contacted me on Myspace, and the main theme of his page is...GAY!!!!.....I am not entirely sure how to respond to that. First off, it seems weird that he remembered my birthday after all these years (we wern't connected on there, so he wouldn't have had any nontification). He also warns me that "he has changed...", which I assume is his sexual preferance.

I guess straight up is that I am VERY secure with my preference, which is women only. Yeah, I have a ton of guy friends, but that is all we will ever be. I am very, VERY conservative when it comes to my own sexuality. Everyone has a choice, and they will have to live with the consequences of each. My fate may be to be a bachelor my whole life. If a lesbian finds her soul mate, then dandy! I do not want to say anything else on this subject.

It just should have been obvious to me that this is what would have happened. We had many good times together years ago, and nothing will change that. As long as he keeps his romance out of our conversations, then I am ok with that.

Anyways, enough about that. More tornadoes today. Midday ones at that (those are a rarity around here)! One storm leveled the town of Buffalo. I know a guy or two from there. I hope they are ok. No fatalities as of now, but a TON of damage. My prayers go out to the communities affected by the storms.

But also mentioned earlier, tomorrow is my b-day. For me, it'll be just like any normal Tuesday: Go to college, go home. Nothing special, except I will probably be taking my family out to dinner. I mean, I honestly do not remember the last time we all went to a restaraunt together and had a sit down meal as a family, and maybe I am getting to be a softie at my old age (yes, much sarcasm on that one), but spending time with my family will be what I want most for my birthday. I love them more than anything, and I will always will. But yeah, other then that, nothing out of the ordinary. I'm not even turning a significant age, so no special "LET'S GET DRUNK!!!!" messages. Well, I'm sure I'll get a few, but just joking, as I am crazy enough WITHOUT alcohol, as many know.

It is getting way too late for me to be up and still be semi-coherant for accounting in the A.M., so I'm off to sleep, or lack thereof. See everyone in the future!

The Allengator