February 26th, 2008

Ice King, Adventure Time

French Alternative-Rock?

Yes, I am alive.

You may have noticed that I have not been blogging as much the past couple of weeks. I really, REALLY wish I had a good explaination as to why, but I honestly do not. I have been pretty busy, and more than likely, it'll stay that way for the forseeable future.

We had some bad weather off and on for what seems to be weeks. It kinda stinks, but such is Missouri weather I guess. We have already had about 2-3 days off of school in my classes, so teachers are really pushing us right now. Web development seems to be the busiest, as we get a new assignment every day, and in there, an assignment can take up to an hour and a half, depending on the length of the assignment. On top of that, we go through at least 2 chapters a day, so it is pretty fast-paced.

There was some bad thunder and lightning in the last major ice storm we had, and it zapped my tv to where everyone on there looked like a smurf (with either white hair or yellow hair, ironic). I was forced into buying a new tv. Good news is that I got an awexome flat screen with a digital tuner! So now I get digital broadcasts, and since I have been used to just local analog television all my life, I am very impressed. I think the antenna part still concerns me, but oh well. I personally enjoy station 3 - 03, which is 24 hour local weather. Very nice.

In addition to that, I also moved the Wii to my room, as no one else plays it, and as everyone knows, come March, I will monopolize whatever television it is hooked up to because of SSBB, so for now it is best in my room. That may be another reason I have been so scarce on here is because I have been devoting more time to playing games. Much better than mulling on here, desperately looking for a lover.....er.....forget I mentioned that. NO DEPRESSIONIZING STUFF ON HERE, STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I just yelled at myself.

I also have been doing whatever homework I could in advanace. I have finished all of my homework up until April in my accounting class. I am completing all tasks in my other two classes, including all programs and web pages. I want to devote what time I can to SSBB on the week it comes out, only breaking for church, school, and work (yes, those are in order of priority). I am also buying some heavy duty caffeine products (people will want to buy some shares of caffeine product stock), and snacks to keep me awake in case it is a midnight release. I will go more into my preporatory things in a near future Geek's Weekly.

I also have some big plans for the Geek's Weekly, which does unfortunately include a temproary hiatus for a few weeks, but when it returns, watch out. More on that in the following Geek's Weekly entries.

As far as the rest of my non-nerdish life is concerned, everything has been constant. Work still exists, but sucks. People on Facebook STILL don't have a clue. Family is ok. Cats are trying to kill each other (or playfully wrestling REALLY hard). And Marshtown is...still there. I honestly have nothing to report, obviously.

I also have discovered something French that doesn't totally suck! I know, before it was an impossibility, but I have stumbled upon some French Alternative rock. Yeah.....that is the best I can describe it. In paticular, it is a song called "Mauvais Garcon" by a group called NAAST. I have no idea what it means, but it has a cool sound. It reminds me of a cross between TMBG and the Fratellis. I, as some hard corers know, heard this song from Guitar Hero III. I can't seem to find a download for it anywhere. *Sigh*

I am going to write some more entries and release them later. Things should be back to normal for the rest of this and next week, but after that, don't expect much on here after that. I am going to type some entries so I can kid of keep this thing alive during my absence.

Toodles everybody!

The Allengator