December 25th, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

Tiny Ruminations of Christmas of '07

Just wanted to send a short note to everyone about being careful out there when traveling the next week.  I also want to send a very Merry Chrsitams to everybody.  Not trying to be superficial or anything, because I always want people to have a good day.  Honestly, nothing changes for me this time of year.  Yeah, Christ is born and fulfilled prophecy, but I do not celebrate that just one time of the year, but the whole year.  Also, many people seem to have false impressions of the whole scene, but I won't step on any toes.

I'm just thankful to be spending a day with my family without anywhere to go.  It's nice to just spend some together time, and that rarely happens.  I had fun and it was just a nice day to enjoy the finer things in life.  I really hope you get the chance to spend time with family and just take in the moments.  Yeah, it doesn't have to be today or this week, but I beg to spend time with ones you love.  Having a chance to do it now is better than never getting that chance again.

That's my "warm fuzzy" entry for today.  I'll be bacl to my old bloggish self next time :).

God Bless

The Allengator