December 8th, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

Freaking Out Over Finals? Not Me.

I have done some exhaustive figuring the last couple of days, and here is what I determined:

As far as Programming and Analysis I is concerned, I am going to work more on it than any of the others.  I have no clue what my grade is and I need to be able to get in and out of that final within an hour and a half.  I've never had a final take me more than 80 minutes, so it's probably doable.

Accounting, I am suprisingly worried little about it.  Based on the teacher's description on pont value and being a total part of our grade, as long as I can do anything more than not show up, I will maintain my grade in there.  If I miss it, I'll get a C, but if I just go in there and give it my best guess, I will have a B.  No problems.

Game Development is like Accounting, as long as I show up.  If I make an A on it, then I'll have an A in the class.  Anything lower than a 50% will result in a C or D, as the final is weighted heavier than my accounting one.  Based on previous tests in there, this will be my second priority test to study on.  I am not worried, but a little extra study won't hurt.

So school stress is going down.  As long as the weather doens't turn dangerous (there is a good chance of it), then all will bei n order.  

Stress at work is incerasing with the holiday/weather rush.  I will not waste any more space elaborating on it.

I downloaded some Christmas music on my MP3 player, and I barely listen to them.  I think the fact that I have been listening to it since Halloween thanks to the radio network at work, all the time, I am just simply almost completely sick of it.  I will be glad to see the stuff gone honestly.  I love the season, but working in retail TOTALLY ruins the mood/spirit.  Maybe I will get more excited later....

Instant messaging = my love.  It is the greatest thing since email that has graced the interweb.  In short, I like it due to the fact that it allows me to say things I would be uncomfortable saying outside the web.  I mean, I can type up something that is more romantic than anything I could say.  I have more confidence.  I also feel that it is easier to talk about different subjects that would otherwise be uncomfortable in real life.  Without it, I may not have touched as many lives as I would have, in more ways than I would have, at more times.  It can be evil, though.  It is a gateway for spammers to get me.  It can also cause some people to not understand the context or meaning of what you say.  PEopel would misunderstand the meaning of what you say in other words.

Well, it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to late for me to be up, so I better get some sleep.  Wait, I need to listen to "Rock Me Amadeus" one more time.....


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