December 6th, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

Nerds R Us Vol. 9

Before I begin, a couple of notes.  Sorry to the people who read my other blog.  The past week has been waaaaaaay to busy and hectic.  I promise more after next week as this is super cram week at OTC.  

Second note in regards to Nerds R Us is that in realizing that next time will be the tenth volume (!), I will be adding some things, like the origin of Nerds R Us and such.  Look for that next week!

As for now, let's begin this week's volume.



Speaking of begining volumes, how about the preview of Volume 3, in which I was given some erroneous info from my main source.  I originally thought it would be called "Exodus", but instead it will be called "Villians", which I like much more than "Exodus", but first, rehashing the fall/possible season finale "Powerless".  

I am just going to recap, conspiracy theories in the next week or two.

Adam makes grave mistake - Sorry for the bad pun.  But yeah, Hiro buried Kensei/Adam alive, which honestly.....doesn't seem to seal Adam's fate.  I'm going to keep my trap shut until the next time I discuss Heroes though as this is just a recap.

The return of "FLYING MAN!!!!!" - Hee, favorite line of the episode is Hiro - "FLYING MAN!!!!" Matt - "Who the heck is this guy?".  HEE.  Totally wish to have seen more Hiro/Nathan interaction as those scenes are awexome.

Speaking of Flying Man.. - Ok, so my death guesses were half wrong.  Niki was explodiated.  Bye Niki.  At the end of the episode, some mysterious guy shoots Nathan in the chest twice, RIGHT before his flying ability reveal.  Bummer.

Peter saves the day - By nuking the virus.  Yay!

Mohinder, Elle, and the wonder, single, twin - At least this storyline is over, as everyone, minus Mohinder's, was pretty dry.  Maya figures out that Sylar killed her bro, Mohinder gives Sylar Niki's antidote to save them all, and Elle, in a fantastic move, takes him on before he shoots up the blood.  Of course she misses, but hey, its the thought that counts, right?

Finally, my favorite scene in the whole episode:

Sylar is baaaaaaaack - As stated, he shoots up some of the Claire/Mohinder blood, and his wounds from Elle heals (at first I thought "How did he get regenerative powers?".  Hey, I was tired...) and, of course, he tries out his favorite ability, telekinesis.  He get's a can of veggies snapped to his hand and says "I'm baaaaaaaaaack...."  DUDE!  AWEXONE AWEXOME AWEXOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conspiracy theories in the next week or so.

Pushing Daisies

Bitter Sweets - Suprisingly, this has been one of my favorite episodes so far this season.  It has comedy, mystery, and character interaction like no other.  Bittersweets, a rival candy company, moves across the street from the Pie Hole.  After some hilarious slap fighting, the owner's brother turns up dead in a vat of taffy, which is fine for me, as I dislike most taffy.  Ned goes into the facility and, when retreiving the rats that Chuck and Olive released, accidently brings the dead dude to life.  With his mouth full of taffy, Ned has no choice but to touch him again right before police catches him in the act.  Emerson Cod is then forced to solve a mystery old-school style with Chuck, which is interesting to see, even though chuck did most of the actual detecting in my opinion.  They solve it, Ned is released, it looks like the Bittersweets lady killed her brothers killer, notice I said looks like, and all is returned to normal, except for the fact that at the end of the episode Ned tells Chuck that he killed her dad.  OUCHIE.

Chuck feature still coming soon.  I need a crutch to lean upon when the strike starts having its effects, which is why I am not starting the reviews on it yet,  Sorries.


If you go to OTC, go to  A new program called "Citrix" is online, which let's students access online version of Office 2007 for free.  Yes, I said the "f" word college students are obsessed with.  FREE.  On top of that awesome fact, you can access your "My Documents" folder that was once only accessed through the network on campus.  How cool is that?


Every year I find a new song that I call my "Christmas song of the Year".  What qualifies this song is that it is Christmas-related and is usually done by an original artist,  This year's is no exception and I will be revealing it soon.  For now, look at previous year's entries.

2001 - "Christmas Hat Song" - Mel Blanc
2002 - "Auld Lang Syne" - Guy Lombardo
2003 - "Wonderful Christmastime" - Paul McCartney
2004 - "All I Want For Christmas is You" - Mariah Carey
2005 - "Christmas Time is Here Again" - The Beatles
2006 - "12 Days of Christmas" - Relient K

Everything from Rock to obscure to oldies.  So it could be any song, and this years inductee is no different.  Wait for the reveal soon!

Video Games

Virtual Console (12-3-07):

Dear Ninty,

Are you mad at us?  Do you just plain hate us?  Then why make us suffer from the endless stream of junk you call "Virtual Console classics"?  I mean Nine times out of Ten they are worthless pieces of video game code that are not entertaining, and in some cases, not playable.  We used to be firends since I could hold a controller and played Super Mario Bros..  Why do this to us?  WHY?

I hope next week you will give the fans something substantial.


The Allengator

In spite of this note, next week's headliner is no other than Pokemon Snap for the N64, so I guess my plea fell on deaf ears.....

Until this junkfest ends, I am just going to tell you to go to to play classic NES games, try out ones that are on the virtual console, and if you like them, pay for them on the virtual console system.  Sorry Nintendo, you are just not helping me out.  



Once again, nothing new to note.  Just look, at the updates, yawn, and go to sleep.


That is it for this week.  Horrible week to be Nintendo, but an awesome week for television.  With a new episode of Pushing Daisies being the last notable new episode for a while, enjoy it while it lasts.  Next week will have a special "Origins" section and hopefully some better news.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Nerd Out!

The Allengator