November 11th, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

Nerds R Us Vol. 6

I know. This is extra early this week, but next week's volume is not sure to happen, so this will hopfully tide you over.


Heroes: Double recap next time, but I would like to show everyone some neato stuff. First, on youtube, a user named HaitianMindTricks posts preview videos early, and not the ones shown on tv, but actual scenes in the episode. This one is for tomorrow's episode:


Either go to HaitianMindTricks on youtube for more.

Next is the best resource I have seen in forever. This is the Heroes Wiki, not the official wikipedia entry, but a whole wiki to it's own self. It is very extensive and provides some insight into the show. Linkified.

Author's Speculation: From what I understand, there will be 3 deaths. One is a hero, then a regular human, then another hero. Here are my predictions. The first will be Miguel Alejandro, as the actor is only on a limited number of episodes and is only a "guest", the second is most likely.....ok, you got me. I am not sure who the regular human will be. Surely it won't be Mohinder, as he is the voiceover for the series!!!! I highly doubt they kill Noah (HRG, yo!), but I think he has powers anyhow. Ando is unlikely too. So this one I am drawing a blank. The third is up for interpritation too. If you do not count what is sure to be the inevitable demise of Adam/Kensei, since he is the main antagonist (although I would HATE it if they killed him off. He is too awesome), my guess is Niki. Say what you want, but she is infected with the virus, and even if she recovers, I just know somethign will happen, especially since she left Micah in Louisiana for the Company, in Monica's care. There are a few more looming clues pointing to her demise, but I would rather not post them for sake of time.

So in review, the ones I predict will die is Miguel Alejandro, one-shot actor/ess, Niki. I may be wrong, but hey, at least it isn't Hiro, Ando, Nathan, Matt, HRG, of Bob!!!!!! (Ok, I just added the last one on the sheer awesomeness of his name).

Pushing Daisies: More next time.

Chuck: New addition soon!


I am announcing on here, that the first distrobution of my game will be before Thanksgiving. I am working out some bugs still, it will be far from perfect, but it will be something to not occupy you the next few years.

Video Games:

I am going to decide on which game to get between Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and Super Mario Galaxy. I will get both eventually, but I am going to get one before Thanksgiving and hopefully the other for Christmas. Whichever one I get, I will post an initial thoughts, then later will provide a detailed review. Look for that, if not next time, the time after.

Planet Puzzle League: Short Review

I have repicked up my copy of PPL this past week, and I just want to say beforehand what a huge fan I am of this game in previous installments. In Japan, it was released as Panel De Pon. Here, in the states, it was known as Tetris Attack for the SNES and eventually the gameboy. Then it was rereleased as Pokemon Puzzle League on the N64, which included puzzle creation, with a similar game on the gameboy advance. Then it was rerereleased as just Puzzle League in a 2-game pack for the GBA. Now it is on the Nintendo DS as Puzzle Planet League.

I was partially disappointed in two main things, a lack of single player vs. computer mode, and the nix of the puzzle creation. Despite the downright cheeseness of Tetris Attack and Pokemon Puzzle League, it was at least easy to follow in a linear sense. PPL makes you choose everytime what stats you want, which is highly customizable, but annoying after a few rounds, with no computer response to ANYTHING.

I was happy with the Wifi play, which is 95% of the reason I got it, to have other people to play, and let me tell you that I am constantly getting my butt pummelled by people in Japan who can game better than me. I have enjoyed that part very much.

Puzzle mode is ok, but they make the solutions too readily available. I mean why not offer after, say, 5 minutes of trying? You can just go to a puzzle, say "Wow, I do not know where to start.", and have the game show you how its done. It totally takes away from the puzzle feel IMO. Action puzzles are far more interesting, as they require the puzzle to be completed while blocks are being cleared off. Mission ones start out easy, but by about mission 5, you almost NEED to be shown the solutions, and imitating the video can be difficult, so I see that as fine.

Overall, I give the game a 6.99/10. One of the better titles I have enjoyed, but lack (or too many) features to the gameplay itself.


I wasn't sure I would have another video for you guys so soon, but here it is. More gameplay, but without the screeching terrors, and an explaination of some of the arenas (I knew about Norfair before Friday, but forgot, drat!).


And just for giggles and grins, here is Snake for ya. Funny stuff, I tells ya!



On that note, I leave you this week. I hope next week's execution will allow me to do this towards the beginning of the week, but we shall see. Until then.

Nerd Out!

The Allengator