August 18th, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

Another Stupid First Day of College Entry - Part Two

Continuation from previous entry.

I come into class, expectin it to be small, but to my suprise, it is quite big, almost as big as accounting. I find out that a few of my firends are indeed in there. One I haven't seen in forever. (Another was supposed to be there, didn't show up, and he has been avoiding me since...) Class starts and the teacher comes in.

Another wonderful "first day" lecture.

We get our first assignment. 13 multiple choice questions. Ouch! (not really).

One thing of interest was that he mentioned that we won't be actualy developing games (I wasn't suprised), but instead designing them. It sounds a tad more interesting than I originally thought. He then mentioned that they are making a follow-up class where we actually do make games. There is a condition, however. We have to tale Math 170, a class I haven't taken yet.

I looked at the prerequisites for it, and it just involves college algebra, which I took a course above that and got an 'A', which has been my excuse to get into courses before. It shouldn't be a problem to get in. The course is called "Finite Mathamatics", and nothing makes me more giddy than not thinking of imaaginary numbers or infinity. I hate infinity. I looked at an online resource based on a typical college curriculum, and honestly, it looks like a cake walk compared to even trig. Slope formulas, matrix evolutions, and basic DeMorgan theorems (Which we did extensively in Digital Electronics). If I take that class, plus Programming and Analysis II, Managerial Accounting, and Web Site Development I, I'll have a full plate next semester.

By the way, just to remind myself, the website for my class is here. I better get signed up for the stupid accounting website thingie.

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