July 25th, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

Bottleneck'd Moneys...

Sorry for the lateness of yesterday's post. Evidently the Livejournal servers were off most of the afternoon/evening/night. On top of that, my post wasn't "posted" until much later than anticipated. I'm not mad, just explaining.

I am having some difficulty gathering hours at work for some unexplained reason. Not that I mind the extra time off, but can't exactly go to college for free, you know? As long as my hours aren't cut any more (can't see how THAT would be possible) I should be able to pay tuition, but that's about it. What does that mean? Well, cut out the extra. If I have to be forced to work meager hours, I'll either have to find a new job or just be very, VERY frugal. That might mean giving up my website. That also means no domain space for audioblogs, rss feeds, and other services. The stuff I blog will just have to be words and broken linked stuff. Ugh. I AM going to keep my domain name, just not the space. I may not be able to get the dvd sets I want. Maybe not even the games I want. *Sigh*......

I hope I can talk the managers into giving me more hours. I thought 25 was too little, but it looks like I have been proven wrong. Bleh. I guess the upside is more homework time...which I honestly don't need. I can spend more time doing productive things though. Yeah, like blogging.....good one, Allengator.....heh.....*grunt*

I'm not upset, mad, or bitter. I am doing fine. I am trying to update my sleeping habits. Outside that, life is boring. Not bad though. Not allowed to complain, because excitement just sounds icky right now. I prefer just to be an average Joe, as it were.

I guess I'm done blogging today. I think I'll just figure out what in the world is going on in "Life, the Universe, and Everything" I am honestly confused, thank you, Douglas Adams. I mean the Krikkit people, destruction through supernovas, and what is up with Marvin? It MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean as in just trying to figure out, not the usual randomness I am used to in the Hitchhiker's Guide.

Have fun with those super-intelligent shades of the color blue...

The Allengator