June 30th, 2007

Yay for Doomsday!

Screwed-Up Fables: The Chicken and the Worm

Once upon a time, a worm was working in the soil. It decided that it wanted to get some fresh air, however, he didn't know where he was, as he was in the soil for a while. "I really need to leave work every once in a while." said the worm. He remembered that in order to get to the surface, he needed to borrow up.

On the surface, there was a gluttonous chicken. This chicken was always hogging the best feed and bugs from the pack. No one did anything because she was a big bird. Because of her intuitive nature, and experience, she could tell when a delictable dinner was coming, whether is was when farmer Bob was pouring feed, or some bug was coming in the nearby area.

The worm popped up on the surface. "Phew, I really need to take a break from the day to day grind every once in a while. I have learned my lesson." It took in a big breath of fresh air.

The chicken was near the worm. "I really need to stop being so pushy with food, but after this last meal." She spotted the worm and before the worm knew it, it was being shoved down the beak of a chicken. The last thought of the worm was "well, I guess this is it. At least I can leave knowing the secrets of existance." As he expired, the chicken was about half-way done, but was eating the worm so fast, that she choked on it and joined the worm's fate.

The moral? You can learn morals either late or too late, thus, why they are always at the ends of these things.

The Allengator