June 26th, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

The Adventures of Worker-Man 1

Now for some fast-paced, action writing!

The Adventures of Worker-Man

When we last left our hero.......wait......

We never met our hero.....so let's just do that.

He is an irregular person, who, unfortunately, despite his awesome power, worked a mundane job at Worker-Mart, who was a worldwide retailer, renowned for its cheap prices and honest employees.

Worker-Man's alias, Greg Baker, works as a stocker in Worker-Mart, and almost loves doing so.

So one day, Greg was stocking some cans of paint, but all of a sudden, Tom Customer appears, Greg's arch-enemy.

Tom: Do you work here?

Greg: Don't I always, Tom?

Tom: I'd like a gallon of Black paint.

Greg: Fine, but it's only because my evaluation is coming up.

Greg climbs the mighty ladder. He grabs the one Tom points at.

Tom: Er, no, I just decided that I want red paint instead.

Greg grumbles and climbs the ladder of infinite length. He grabs the crimson goblet and returns to the surface from whence he came (sorry, too many medieval movies).

Tom: Shouldn't you return the black paint?

Greg: That's it! It's time for the ultimate showdown.

He throws, er, "drops" a can of paint on Tom.

Tom: Your evaluation.....

Greg: I'll get it.

Tom: Not while I stand....you idiotic stockman!

Tom slips on some paint.

Tom: Grr....I'll get you next time!

Greg: I'm sure you won't!

So in the end, Tom was vanquished, and Greg's enem-end Josh, the manager was giving him his evaluation.

Josh: You will get your raise, but first, we need you to complete a mission. There is a customer who keeps on spilling milk in the electronics aisle, causing massive electrocutions. We don't even have a camera shot of the culprit. We need you to figure out why it's being done.

Greg goes to the aisle and sees a juvenile with a horrendous mullet-mohawk spilling some 2% on the floor and unsheathing a katana and slashes a radio, whose live lines are touching the spilled milk.

Punk: Hope you had a good job, Greg! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Greg be fried from his job? Will the punk keep electrocuting electronics people? Find out when we continue with............


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