June 8th, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

Dream a Little Dream.....

To tell all of you the truth, I've been kinda weirded out as of late. Everyone that knows me knows what I mean by the next sentence I put down. I have been dreaming lately.


Big whoop you say. Who cares. Right? Well, here is the odd thing about me. I do NOT dream at night, and if I do, it's a rarity, like once every other month or so. Seriously. I don't think I was ever scared due to a dream or have done anything harsh. I've just never had them, either that, or have a VERY poor memory. Take your pick. Anyways, this is also a first time event, because I remember about every freakin' dream I've had in the past week! That's right. A whole week. I am seriously just dumbfounded. Why an I getting all of these lately?

I figure one explination might be my horrid sleeping patterns as of late. Without school to keep me in line, and a HUGE absense of day-shift scheduling at work, I have been sleeping in most days, rarely getting up before 10 am. The past few nights, a kitten has been yelling and meowing around my window (who we have got in the back porch now, more on the kitties at a later date). That has kept me awake, not really allowing me to get my full rest. My alarm would go off, and I will get up, and being the uber intelligent person I am, just turn it off instead of "snooze". I mean its annoying waking up to "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen (another Brit artist. See last entry.), so I just turn it off. What results is a lucid "non-awake, non-asleep" phase I get into, and I dream.

I won't go into all of them (partially because I'm too lazy right now, and partially because some people involved may not want to see their names pop up in the 'ol blog), but a couple of key ones come to mind. One was I was graduating from high school again. This time, though, I was performingin the band (ok?) and the entire room was made completely out of wood, like an audotorium I once performed in during a choir concert.....anyways, and I went up, got my diploma, and just exited the building, taking off the robe, extending my arms, looking up in the sky, yelling "Yes!" I get into a car, drive off to a small brook, and just stand on a bridge (never saw that scene before. I love my imagination!), the suddendly, I'm just on a hill in the middle of the country, looking up at the stars.

Another one I had was that a friend from college was messing with his computer and then we go off and shoot some pool at an arcade. Short and obscure.

Then I had one about going to some sort of geek engineering convention, and we were all in a bus.  I recognized a couple of people in there.  We went into this magnificent structure.  Glass ceiling, marble pillars, and a dirt brownish floor.  We went into this large auditorium and sat down.  A movie started, and we watched some old black and white film.  We left on the bus and went into some lab, watched some sort of metal get blasted into smithereens by a laser, and then went into some sort of museum of music history or something.

Another oddity, in none of my dreams did I die once.  Not even once.  I just haven't dreamt of my death in a while (my sister did the other night...).  I don't dream like this people.  Not many nights in a row, not different, not like this.  So I pose....what's wrong with me?  Am I losing it?  Am I meant for bigger things?  Is this some sort of projection from God?  Am I simply making a mountain out of a molehill?  I wish I had an answer, but I don't.  

I didn't mean for this entry to be taken so non-seriously, but I'm just sharing another portion of the guy that is "The Allengator".  I figured that I could afford some sort of insight, but seeing the lack of peoples who read this, and don't know me, I guess this makes me just rambling about more of the same.  

In closing, I rest.

The Allengator