May 26th, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

More TV Madness

Once again, my non-seasoned tv critiquing skills will be showcased.

Lost season 3 finale.

Holy monkey.

There were some werid parts, sad parts, and just plain awexome parts.  Let me highlight.

Weird - Jack's story was a  In the end, the island he wanted so desperately off, he sees himself asking to go back.  Sad indeed.  This raises some questions.  1) Is this future set in stone, or can it be changed (heroes conundrum).  2)Is Kate really going to be free?  3)  Why does Jack have a crappy car from the 90's?  I thought he had a Porsche.

Sad - Sawyer to Hurley.   "You'll just get us killed".  I wanted to punch Sawyer right then and there, and Hurley looked so sad :(.  Charlie dies trying to unjam the jammer.  He drowns, telling Desmond that "Not Penny's Boat."  Indeed.  Also, Aaron cries when he dies :(.  

Awexome - Ok, just one part.  Remember Hurley being denied?  Well, he ended up helping a defenseless Sawyer (heh, "car-ma") by running over some of the captors in the magical hippie van, which is the same van Ben, the leader of "the others", killed his father in.  So Ben's van is the one who kills some of his own people.  Poetic, no?  I cheered Hurley on, epsecially when he radioed Jack telling him everyone was ok.  I love Hurley.  Second part.  Just remembered.  Locke?  Just friggin' kill Jack.  Please.  

So will they in fact be rescued or did they in fact opened up a whole new can of worms.  I just have a feelingthat Ben and Locke are completely in the right here, especially Ben for once.  I just feel like something bad will come of this......I just know it.....

Compared to the Heroes finale?  Well......hard to tell.  Its at the very least, tied.  Very closely so.  Hmm.............I guess in terms of finales, I just can't choose.  Heroes was compelling, but Lost got its act together.  Its a tie.  I decided it.  

Soon, a comparison between the two shows, as of now, 2007.

Until then.

The Allengator