May 3rd, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

Major News Ahead, MAJOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a major announcement.

It is not being made in sound.

Somethign uber major has happened in my life, and I can't keep it in anymore. I never though something like this would happen again. I never thought that the state I was in would change. I thought I was Lost. But now, I'm a Hero.

The announcement is............

LOST IS NO LONGER MY FAVORITE TV SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, what happened. I still lurve Lost, I lurve is a lot to the point that I work on theories based on the show, but it is being horribly overshadowed by the newest best thing.


I can not reccomend that show enough. Even if you aren't a comic book geek (honestly, I'm not one either), the show is for all to enjoy. From drama, to comedy, to pure unadulterated action, it fits the tastes of all tv couch potatoes. Why the rant all of a sudden? Keep reading. 

</ initial shock>

Last Mondays episode (Five Years Gone AKA String Theory AKA Season 1 Episode 20) was literally the best thing I have seen on tv for all season, maybe even the last few years. Yes, I would go that far.  !!!Spoiler!!! There was the major twist in the last 15 minutes of the episode where we find out Nathan (AKA "Flying Man"), was not in fact Nathan, but Sylar, who evidently "eaten" the brains of another hero (Candice, who can impersonate anyone she sees), and has been acting as Nathan for years (the episode took place five years in the future).  He wants to cause a genocide to people with special abilities.  Peter, with his rockin' scar, takes Sylar on, one on one, Sylar ice, him, flames, and awesomeness happens.  However, we do not see much, unfortunately, because future Hiro (the guy who can teleport and bend time) is dying from a gunshot wound from future Matt (mind reader) shot him with.  I couldn't belive the bad person Matt became, but oh well.  !!!End Spoiler!!!

My mouth hung open.  I was shocked.  I was amazed.  I was talking to the tv.  I was totally captured.  I have not felt that in FOREVER from a tv show, and somehow, Heroes just gets better and better.  How does Tim Kring do it?

Lost just pales in comparison.  Yeah, it kinda started the whole tv "action" thing all over again, but Heroes took its formula, and perfected it.  

I wish I had the time or energy to say more about the previous episode, the theories, the questions.  Please, feel free to comment.  If you've never seen it, after finals are over, sit on your tush and watch it.  You will NOT be disappointed, epsecially if you catch this one as a rerun.

</end shock>

If I find the time, I will write more about this episode and tv show.  I am a die-hard fan now.  Unless they totally screw up any season past this one, I'm in for the long haul.

Sorry Terry 'O Quinn fans :(.

The Allengator