March 24th, 2007

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News YOU Should Know

I admit it, I am a college student. So sometimes, I do not get a lot of ti,e to do things I want. Plus, I have a job, so one thing I continually miss out on is the news. Now, I may hear snippits of reports from time to time, but face it, I mean radio news is somewhat slanted and television news is ALWAYS on when I am at work. Unless something ubberly major happens, I find out several weeks later. So, I decided to let everyone know about the major news stories, that YOU should know. 
Major News #1: Apparently, some woman died. I never heard of her before, but her name was like Nichole Anna or something. NEVER heard of her until now. I guess the news is celebrating the lives of the little people now. I hope my death is recoded and played several days on the world news. 

Major News #2: The democrats are gearing up for the next election, in over a year and a half. Right now the fore runners seem to be Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama, who are both, as I understand it, democrats. The democrats want the democrats to win, so the democrats will do everything in their democrats-ic power to democraticize the country. They recently redid the famous Apple "1984" ad. 

Major News #3: The government is suing a scooter from the Libby company. 

Major News #4: Our nation is under war from the forces of Rosie O' Donnel and Donald Trump. 

Major News #5: Hollywood had an awards show. Someone won, but its no one you've ever heard of. 

That's all you need to know for now. I would have mentioned the war in Iraq, but really, the news reports nearly the same thing every night, and if you don't know that a war is going on.......then I pity you. Everyone is affected by it, and honestly, it'll continue to leech on our country until who knows when. Here is what you need to know. Just pray for our troops and the leader of our nation (yes, I know who it is, but still, we should pray for his, er, wisdom....), and for peace. Just because it looks grim shouldn't keep us from praying. On top of that, I'm going to pray for the dead girl in article #1, because she was REALLY important is she has been in the news for weeks.............. 

The Allengator