February 18th, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

I'm Back! (At Least for Tonight)

Hi everyone, LTNS.

I am going to attempt to do more of a personal entry tonight. I looked at my archive and......it's been a while. I mean as fun as the other entries have been, I need to show my more...er....personal side. I'll still try to stick some one liners in here though ;).

Again, I just want to tell people who use IMs to talk to me, I'm just kinda busy right now, and it'll probably be that way until April. Seems like quite a while, but Feburary is almost over. Soeaking of almost over, 60's tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEEEEEEEEEET! Now only if I had work off............

People of Marshfield. I know what is going through your heads as you collect the latest edition of "The Marshfield Mail". The thought entered my mind too. Let's make camp in Decaturville! Seriously, if they spend the front page on crap news, such as la idiota being engaged to be married to a.....another person. It makes me want to condemn him to hell more (ironic, because he is a "preacher"). He messed with one of my friends, one of my sister's friends, my breaks, and I've had it. If he says "Hi." to me again, I'll just say "Hope I don't join you in hell. Seriously. That is where that man is heading, if he has done even a tenth of the things people says he had. He doesn't deserve to even call him a disciple of God, let alone a messenger. I have a LOT more I can blast his character with, but that would be a waste of pixels.

In college, The Peregrine Project is.....well.....I'm honestly concerned for it. It seems like only a handfull of us (sometimes it feels like it is just me) is actually trying to make this thing go forward. Sad. I think we can make it, but all of us will have to blast into full gear in order to do it. My AM radio is non-functual :(. The robotics thing is going well. Lurch and I make an excellent team. I think we have a good chance of placing first. We have a college to represent!

Speaking of the competition, I am going to be spending some more time on it. I never thought of it, but the path of my future depends on the outcome. Here is what I mean. There will (supposedly) be recruiters there, which will be good for getting my foot in the door. Not only do I have a chance at a better job, but a scholarship as well. If I get this scholarship.....I may be in college longer then I figure. Depending on the stipulations of the scholarship, I may stay another couple years, because I think I want to finish another degree I started on, and it will give me a better chance at getting an awesome job/career. That is why this is so important to me. If I don't get this scholarship, if it does nothing for my career track, then I have alternate routes, which means this will be it for college. Either way is fine with me. We'll see what the future holds.

Now for personal things. Honestly, my life is still good. I mean with minimal drama, expanding my viewpoint, life is good. No, I'm not looking at the world through rose colored glasses, but I mean, I am trying to not get emotional about the little things anymore. I'm not saying that I am ignoring my feelings when situations come up, but worrying about things that shouldn't be worrying about is useless, and in the end, we just make it hard on ourselves. I like how things are going. People like who I am. I have had a few people lately tell me things, and they say they tell me because I am who I am. I'm easy to come to, I listen, and I'm just one of the nicest guys they know. Now, I'm not sure about that last one, I mean I try, but I hate tooting my own horn. If people like who I am, if I like who I am, and I am happier this way, then why change? Its a win-win-win situation.

Nowo n the same token, I'm scared. I'm afraid that....something's going to happen. Everything is going pretty well......something's going to happen. PANIC MODE!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!! Remember Douglas Adams.....Don't Panic. Honestly....I think I have a feeling that a problem is brewing, and if left unchecked........could be bad. So what would be best is to nip it in the bud and take care of it....but.....the problem is that it isn't a problem.....you understand, don't you? It's like an anvil sitting on top of a natural bridge. Sure, the anvil is no problem right now, but if there is some eroding of the bridge, and after time passes, that anvil will fall. It's like that....kinda sorta. Hopefully, nothing will happen and its really a molehill. Don't worry, I'm still as fine with everything as I was before.

Ok, now not so personal. I am going to see if I can score a trip to Branson soon. Some mall shopping sounds good right now. Honestly, a Vault sounds good right now, but I'd be up until like 3 or something and I have to wake up......wait.....I DON'T HAVE TO WAKE UP FOR ANYTHING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! SLEEPING IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, its been over a month. Sleeping until 10 sounds gooooooooooooooooooood right now.

Right now I am oging to do osme research on the Basoc stamp, see if I can write/read memory to the EEPROM. Remember, Another Petey this Friday, and to make it even, a bonus one as well, so 2 more before the end of the month, then no more....because I have to be honest with you, I am not too proud of these, but a deadline is a deadline. As long as the job is done, it doesn't matter how shoddy it is.

..............man.......that sounds like Wally...........

In closing, go to http://current.tv Supernews just released one for nerds called "Gates vs. Jobs" and for nerd....its EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun!

Seriously, have fun ya'll!

CONFORM!!! DRINK VAULT!!! (MAN its been a while....)

The Allengator