January 23rd, 2007

Ice King, Adventure Time

Whoa, Revelation Time

Hi once again. Its another boeing entry about my life!

To recap whats been going on, I'm back2school right now, and life is settling in a groove again. Sleeping little, homework, labs, soldering. Ah. The same ol' classroom for 3 classes. If feels like a child re-entering a monther's womb. Sigh. I'll be sick of it in a month, maybe sooner.

Erin wants me to say something for Aaron. As soon as I found out, I've been rehersing in my head of what I want to say. There is so much I want to say, and not enough time to say it. Dang. Well, I should be finishing it tomorrow. Boy, I miss him.

Shane's been mysteriously missing from class. Saw Lurch today. Good good.

Anyways, course breakdown as of now:

ELT 215: Telecommunications - I do not have a clue what to think right now. It'll be tough, yet not hard? I'm not sure. It sounds kinda interesting, so we'll see.

ELT 235: Computer Interfacing - I think this will be my favorite class of the semester. Seriously, weather balloon projects, programming, circuits, internet searching. All my favorite things wrapped up in one, but will I succeed?

ELT 275: CET Prep - The ACT for Electricians. Multiple choice tests out of the wazoo, but its supposed to be a cumulative review of what we learned overthe past few semesters. Seems busy, and you grade is based on tests. Gulp.

Not sure about Occupational Seminar. Sounds like Advanced Orientation to me....

It just hit me today. My student career is close to being over, and today my teacher told me that there might be an opportunity for me. Working. For money. That is when it hit me. Walmart is a job, not a career like they are trying to tell me. I am going to have to move from my parents, get myself to and from work on ice and snow, pay bills, car stuff, mortgage, get settled down with a nice lady (Not accepting applications yet, but will in the future ladies ;)), and stuff. This is it. Last full semester. No more classes.

My life is heading in a direction that was not quite what I saw before, but it seems nice, and yet, its scary. The real world is just a pretty horrible place, and I want to be a kid forever. But I can't.

Oh well. Ready or not world, The Allengator is going to take you by storm.

....or at least by little wimper.

The Allengator