Allen (allengator86) wrote,

NOT Mega Media Monday...Yet...

Greetings to all from the comfort of my DSi. Yes, I have resorted to updating via my DSi.

Long story short, no pun intended, the Lappy's power chord shorted out, smoked, and sparked everywhere causing mpre smoke. In laymen's terms, I will be Lappyless for several days, meaning my Audio Blog update is definately post-poned until furthur notice. My hand is already starting to cramp.

With that knowledge in place, my presence on here will be little at best. I did comendere a new power cord but I have no clue on a delivery date. I will still post the Mega Media Monday later because everyone will be out and I can totally use the crappy compy then. It will be awesome as the theme combines two of my passions. Man, my hand is REALLY cramping now. I think I need some cream or something...

So yeah, that's all you're getting out of me for now. Maybe Loretta or someone can keep you company this week (HINT HINT).

Seriously, can I sue Nintendo if this speeds up my inevitable carpel tunnel surgery? Well, I guess that means I'm out!

The Allengator

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