November 17th, 2006

Ice King, Adventure Time

The Wait is Almost Gone!!! XD

Ok, non-entry related stuff:

Erin and I tlaked things out, and I think things will be better from now on. We just worked things out, and we're going to try to be good friends. I hope it works this time! I love ya, Erin (not in the old sense mind you).

Lydia is now a member of the Wall*Mart family. Welcome to Wall*Mart Lydia. I've missed your laugh XD.

Today was a good day, blah blah blah blah blah......

Now for the important stuff!

Wii is being released in 24 short hours. I's excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUCHO EXCITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, but the celebration will not start until tomorrow, if I get my hands on one. I am going in line after my shift is over, at 10, 2 hours before release. I want to get the console, a virtual console controller, and the piez de resistance, Zelda: The Twilight Princess. Hee XD. Here are my thoughts. I have two choices:

1) Get it tomorrow night
2) Put it on Layaway and pick it up Dec. 1 when my extra discount comes into play, thus saving $25.

I think I am going with choice numero uno, but I am still partially undecided. Man, I want one so bad. We'll see. Depends on the line. If there are more people than consoles (and yes, I do have a number that I am unable to say on here due to termination privacy), I'll probably wait until December to get one, but I will have a Wii by years end.

I shall write why I think a Wii is awesome tomorrow before work. Until then, I have a chapter on Binary addition/subtraction to tacke.

Peace, and be happy peeps!

The Allengator