June 19th, 2006


And Now For the Most Original Title Ever: Update!

Hi everyone.

Well, I am assembling the bike racks today (Hammers! Joy!) and putting the thing together is kinda fun, because it reminds me of monkeys. Monkeys swinging from branch to branch, eating banannas, screeching at the sight of a bug, heh. And that reminded me that I haven't done a "Saga of PEtey the Monkey" in a while, and that in turn reminded me of how there hasn't been an "Adventures of Angry Bob" in like, forever! So I turned to the comics page on the net today, and found out that it was about the idiotic guard duck. I'm sorry, but I have never liked the guard duck one bit. It's just the same joke every time.

My new knife loves me. I have cut myself (it is STILL an accident, I swaer!) twice now, well,notreally "cut" but more like "razed" one time. It didn't bleed or hurt or anything, so thats good.

Erin hurt her leg, so that means I'll be bumming around the house some more this week.

Oh yeah, I give "Treasure Hunters" a 4/10 for now, mostly because of the camera work. It is a reality SHOW, not reality MOVIE.

I will say this, so far I LOVE my new paycheck amounts at Wal-mart. (Plans on paying off that stupid credit card bill). Ok, I still like Wal-mart 60% better than Stupid Fresh, I just don't like talking about it.

Oh yeah, list of plans:

1) Finish website
2) Work on church website
3) Go to Osage Beach
4) Go to the Branson Landing (I know, ick to most things Branson, but this might only be a one time deal).

Well, I've bored the bejeebers out of you. May the monkeys not fling poo at your houses and cardboard boxes.

Isn't Vault nice?

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