May 28th, 2006


Finales, Hopes, Blogs, and a Few Other Words Otherwise

Alright. I was HOPING to get some comments with my last entry (Like maybe someone OTHER than my sweetheart and the grammar nazi...remember the good old times Sara?), but alas, none were written. Maybe I should move back to Xanga or Myspace, because heck, those sites are more popular, even opendiary I had more people comment than on here. I love the layout and html-ness of Livejournal though, so I'm conflicted. I mean, I'm going to probably stay here for a while,but it sucks that my name isn't "out there". Maybe I should make some friends on here, but then again, when does popularity become paramont in my life?

Ok, soapbox aside. I thought that I could revert back to my old style of blogging on here. Lost finale words can describe it. Honestly, I do not think it was as good as last years, but it waso ne of the best this season. EKO BETTER NOT BE DEAD!!!!! Hurley is still alive, but STILL! Here is my favs list:

1) Hurley
2) Mr. Eko
3) John Locke

If Desmond lives, he will probably be #3 ir #4, most likely the latter.

Ok, The New Super Mario Bros. I give it 8/10 on easiness. For total completeness I give it a 6/10. If you like side scrollers, youll love this game.

Oh yeah, in the fall, I might update on different days. With my college days growing in number next semester, it calls for a change in schedules. Ive been fortunate to be able to update mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Now It mightbe more like Fridays and Mondays. Not solid yet though. Yes, I will update on other days too, I'm just talking about the days of the week that are most likely....

My plans for the summer: Release my website (might be pushed back to July due to work stuffs), learn about some programming stuff in my little free time, spend TONS of time with Erin, reading plans, just relax. Hopfully see some movies and go minigolfing with Erin, FINALLY!

I'm looking for "Heavy Mario Land", a remix song. Just putting it on here to remind me to search for it.

Oh yeah, I've always wondered something. If homosexuality never came about, would guys hug each other more? Is that why no one likes to hug me but Erin? (mutters something about cowboys and quitting you....)

Go to and go to the "current news and expand it. Some High-larious stuff on there. Especially the "Wiretapping" Eppie. Check it out, seriously.

James, you're a good friend.

Oh yeah, look for audio blog #9 soon. Working on #10 as we speak. Itll be an extravaganza.

Despite my absence, I do not have much else to report. Have a good day people of all races, creeds, and nationalities!


The Allengator